Common Treatment Of Acne

acneAcne is a complete nightmare for everyone, men, and women. It’s those red, irritated, and swollen pimples, which creep across your face. Acne vulgaris is the most common form, found on women who have oily skin.

The hormonal changes during puberty cause larger amounts of sebum and oil to be secreted from the skin, blocking pores, making it the leading cause of acne inflammation. Acne will attack almost every woman at some point.

Other acne causing factors include excessive consumption of soft drinks or fried food, increased stress, medicinal side effects, genetic history, and even some types of dandruff shampoo. Adolescence is the most common time period for the onset of acne, but it can be a problem during pregnancy as well.

Hormonal changes during pregnancy have an effect on the skin similar to the changes that occur during puberty. The acne usually subsides a few months after childbirth as pregnancy hormones diminish.

One of the most effective treatments for acne is a chemical called benzoyl peroxide. This chemical is extremely efficient at fighting against the bacteria growing inside the clogged pores that produce acne. Your skin will start to clear up if you use a product containing benzoyl peroxide often.

Acne on your back can be intensely annoying and uncomfortable. You can combat these outbreaks by scrubbing your back with a rough washcloth or loofah during your showers. Working up a sweat while exercising can aggravate acne, so be sure to shower after a workout.

A one-minute back scrub during your shower can clear up your skin quickly. Benzoyl peroxide helps combat this form of acne as well. Be aware that the chemical can dry out your skin.

Some antibiotics can be used to treat acne, too, though they sometimes have severe side effects. They can potentially causes hair loss and difficulty during childbirth, so always consult your doctor about any acne treatment first.

Birth control pills stabilize unruly hormone levels, preventing excess sebum from being generated and bring about an acne flare-up. Another treatment uses lasers, but this option is expensive. It’s easier and cheaper to try other treatments first.

Whatever you do, don’t pick at your pimples! You could be unintentionally scarring your face. Don’t scrub with a harsh cloth and always wash off your make-up after a few hours.