Conditioning Treatment

conditioning-treatmentsConditioning treatment is done to soften the hair quickly. There are different kinds of conditioning methods. Conditioning can be done by rinse through conditioners, repair conditioners and leave-in conditioners depending upon the requirement.

Rinse-through conditioners are applied for 1-3 minutes and have a great effect on the outer layer of the hair. They make the hair smooth and silky. They also protect the hair from damage due to heat-styling procedures.

Repair conditioners are useful in specific hair problems. This treatment restores proteins to hair. Protein packs and hair masks are used as repair conditioners.

Leave-in conditioners are applied after shampooing but before drying hair. These are used to prevent hair-dryness.

Let’s discuss the corrective conditioning treatment today. This treatment is done in the following conditions:

•    Dry hair because of dry scalp

•    Use of hair dye / colour.

•    To cure roughness caused by wave treatment on permanent basis.

•    To cure the dryness due to straightening treatment.

•    To treat rough hair as a result of usage of dryer and back combing in excess.

•    To treat knotty hair.

Corrective Conditioning Procedure

1.    Brush your hair at least for 5 minutes. This will not only stimulate your scalp but will also remove dust from hair.

2.    Apply a protein rich conditioner.

3.    Take a hot towel and wrap it over your head. Let your head be wrapped for 30 minutes. This is done to heat the head. Heating the head activates the absorption of elements of conditioner.

4.    Wash your hair with a mild shampoo.

5.    To remove excessive moisture towel your hair.

6.    Now dry your hair and style.


A protein conditioner should be used. If you buy a chemical conditioner, read the instructions carefully before use.

Protein conditioner can also be made at home. Mix castor oil with 2 tsp of malt vinegar, a tsp of olive oil and 2 or more full eggs depending upon the length of the hair. This conditioner should be applied thoroughly  by dividing the hair into small sections.

Corrective conditioning treatment is very helpful as well as very easy.