Contact Lens and Makeup: Where to Draw the Line?

Wearing contact lens is one beautiful way of hiding your blindness and moving out in style.

But while you wear them, ensure that you take extra care.Any slight irritation to the eye due to your make-up can cause problems. Excited to know how to avoid such a situation? Read on…

Clean Your Hands

The golden rule of wearing contact lens is to wear them with hands properly washed and cleaned.Always wash and dry your hands before you hold the lens. Also, wash your face with a cleanser and pat it dry. Wear your lens before you go for any make-up.Even a hand cream should be applied only after wearing the lens, as otherwise it may result in eye irritation due to the deposits of lotions or creams.

Eye Makeup

While applying eye-liner, avoid wearing it to the inner rim of the eyes,as this may also result in irritation due to the spread of the liner inside the lens. Go for waterproof eyeliner instead of a liquid one to protect your lens. It is better to avoid heavy creams around the eyes, as there are high chances of it getting inside the eyes due to melting. If you are applying any powder, shut your eyes before you do the same. Liquid eye shadows will be better than powdered ones, as the latter might result in eye irritation.

While applying mascara, care should be taken to avoid touching the base of the eye lashes. Water proof mascaras will be the best choice for those who wear contact lens.

Cosmetic Guide

While buying cosmetics, go for oil-free ones, as they can be easily removed from the skin.Also choose a face cream which is light in nature, as heavy ones may leave high chances of melting and thereby affecting the lens. Shut your eyes while using perfume, cologne or any other cosmetic which has high chemical content in it, as it can be harmful to the lens plastic. Similarly, if you are using a hairdryer or blower, remember to close your eyes or else, it may get dry. Also, if you use hair spray, do it before wearing the contact lens.

It is always better to replace your makeup items after every 6 months to avoid eye infection.

Removing the Lens

If you want to remove your lens, follow the golden rule again – wash your hands first. Remove your lens before removing your makeup.

Though most of us are aware of the lens care tips, we seldom follow it due to laziness or lack of time. But remember, nothing is as precious as our eyes. If we care for it now, they can show us light till the end.