6 Tips On Cool Emo Styles For Girls

Tips On Cool Emo Styles For Girls

We have all heard the term Emo but very few of us understand the real meaning of the term. Emo (short form for Emotional) emphasizes on feeling your inner self and expressing yourself. The emo trend considers music as an important instrument of expressing one’s emotions and feelings. Their music is popularly known as punk music which is characterized by melodic music and expressive and confessional lyrics.

Along with music, the emo trend considers fashion also a way of  expressing oneself. One can easily recognize a person following the emo trend from the peculiar hairstyle. Emo girls usually have short, spiked hair in the back and long bangs falling over their eyes. Face piercing, especially lip and eyebrow piercing is a major element of their dressing. Emo style is also marked by a cute but eccentric style of dressing.

How To Dress Emo

Emo style of dressing is in vogue among teenagers across the world. Do you want to try this look? The following tips will surely help you:

Cut Your Hair In Bangs

Hair is possibly the most distinguishing feature of the emo look. To get this look, follow the steps below:

Cut your hair in bangs or multiple layers. Keep the bangs in the front long so that they cover one eye. Keep the hair at the back short and spiky or you could keep it long. If you keep it long, make sure that it is cut in thin strands and the strands are pointed at the edges.

If you’re bold enough, colour your hair with bright colours like red, orange, blonde, pink, blue and purple. Otherwise, just streak your bangs and the thin strands at the back. Clip-in hair extensions in bright hues can also be used to get this look.

Cut Your Hair In Bangs

Wear T-shirts And Hoodies With Powerful Messages On Them

The emo principle revolves around emotions. So wear t-shirts with dramatic quotes or images on them. You can also wear short denim jackets over your tees. Hoodies are another core element of emo dressing.

Wear T-shirts And Hoodies With Emo Style

Wear Tight Bottoms

When it comes to choosing the bottom, the philosophy is the tighter the better. Wear skinny jeans which are slightly faded. Ripped denims are a fad for emo girls. You can also wear other skinny pants in blue, black, white or grey.  Wear striped socks over your skinny pants.

Leggings work fabulously for the emo look. Leggings with black and white stripes or pink and red leggings with black stripes are the most apt ones. Short denim skirts paired with leggings are a popular trend among emo girls.

Wear Tight Bottoms


The shoes that work best with the emo look are the good old Converse All-Star shoes. The classic black Converse always works but if you want a more girly look, opt for Converse sneakers in different colors and prints.

Old Converse All-Star shoes


Get an eyebrow or lip pierced. Get multiple piercings on your ears. Wear accessories like studded belts, wrist bands and bracelets, beads on you neck that have broken or bleeding hearts, hair bows and hairbands, badges with slogans, bags with an interesting message and scarves

Get an eyebrow or lip pierced


The eyes are the focal point in emo make-up. Accentuate your eyes by applying a lot of Kohl. After doing the basic outline, use some bright colour around the eyes. Keep the lips nude or wear some neutral lip gloss. Cut nails short and paint them black.

Try this look girls. And also give us your opinion on what emo means to you. Is it just a sense of style to you or do you truly believe in the emo philosophy?

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