Cool Summer Make Up Tips

Though summer is a cheerful and pleasant season to throw off the heavy and woolen clothes and to put on your favourite shorts or miniskirts with flip flops and heading towards the beach or a short trip with friends, but when you come to a perfect make-up in summer it is really hard and challenging.

You need to cross many hurdles as the blazing sun, scorching heat, sticky humid condition and sweating, the climate works totally against your make up and which often lands you in social awkwardness due to smudged mascara or melting lipstick etc. But this is the time to bring change to those embarrassing moments and enjoying the sultry summer by swinging into its breeze by wearing right set of summer make-up. Want to know how? Just go down.

Summer Make Up Tips

Begin With Sunscreen

In summer, applying sunscreen is the ‘must do’ activity to kick off any kind of make-up. Make sure your sunscreen is of SPF 30 and is able to protect you from UVA and UVB rays of the sun.


In this season it is better to go with a water-proof sunscreen, so there won’t be any risk of wiping out of the sunscreen by the sweat or humidity. Apply it at least 30 minutes before you go outside and don’t forget to apply it on all the parts of your body which will be open to sun.

Apply Face Primer

Now apply face primer to all over your face to prepare the even base for the make-up. As before painting a wall you need to apply at least 1 coat of primer to hold the colouring, face primer works in the same way for face make up.

face primer

In summer it is obvious to apply face primer as it helps to take away the extra oil or sweat from your face, so your make-up doesn’t wash away easily and lasts for a long time.

Swirl The Powder

You can switch to tinted moisturisers from those foundations or concealer etc. In these sticky and steamy days, this tinted moisturiser keeps your face light, airy and spreads a youthful glow.

face powder

Next, if you have dark spots or blemishes on the face then you can swirl a few coats of powder foundation over it to get a lighter finish. Those who possesses oily skin they can opt for translucent powder which will soak the excess oil caused by the excess heat.

Go For Bronzer

To get a brighter, natural and appealing look in the sun you can go for applying powder bronzer. Just swirl it on the areas where the sun-rays fall directly, as forehead, eyelids, cheeks or chin etc. It will surely provide a fresh look on those scorching days. Finish it off by sweeping of little amount pink blush over the apple of the cheeks.

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Keep The Eyes Simple

Similar to face make-up, apply eye-primer on your eyelids to prepare the base of the eye make-up. Next, apply liquid concealer to around the whole eye area to cover up dark circles or spots.

neutral colour eyeliner

Now pick a neutral colour eyeliner to define your eyes and draw above the eye-lash line of the upper eyelid only and skip lining lower lid, as this will appear excess for summer, followed by a neutral eye shadow or bit of bronzer. Finish off your eye make up by few coats of waterproof mascara.

Perfect Lips

Perfect Lips

To get a pair of appealing and sexy lips in hot summer days, say no to heavy lipsticks and go for tinted lip balm or lip stain. These works excellent by colouring your lips perfectly for longer time without appearing as overdo and remains smudge free.