Creative Perms For Medium Hair

If you have got bored with your medium haired looks then why not try out for something different that will lend a stylish air to your personality? Yes you are right! We are talking about hair perms for making your medium shoulder-length hair look alive and bouncy.

It’s no wonder if you are thinking which types of perms will work out magic to your medium length hair and add bounce to them. But no more worries. Have a look at the amazing medium length hair perm styles listed below and choose the best suited one for your hair.

Perms For Medium Hair

Body Wave Perm Style

If you are genuinely looking for volume and bounce in your medium length hair then you must go out for body wave perm blind-foldedly.

body wave perm style

Instead of making your hair look tightly woven this perm will provide you loose curls thus making your hair lightly wavy. It also boosts your hair by lending it with more body and much movement.

Partial Spiral Perm Style

While talking about perms for medium length hair the irresistible style that first comes to the lips is the partial spiral perm style. Perfectly made for medium length hair this style changes the boring look of your hair instantly.

Partial Spiral Perm Style

A lovely blend of curl and straight texture is the magic of this style. Keeping the straight texture of your upper hair intact amazing curls are added to the edges of your hair.

Stacked Perm Style

In case you want high volume and intensity in your medium length hair then you can certainly try out the stacked perm style.

Stacked Perm Style

This one above another layered style puts in great thickness to thin and straight hair without doing any cutting job to your hair. Nicely created layers using different sized perm rods provide an illusion of thickness and volume thus making you the celeb of the night.

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Acid Perm Style

There is nothing to worry if your hair is of shoulder-length and sensitive due to the use of colors and chemicals. Acid perm style is there for you. This is a quite relaxing perm most appropriately designed for your sensitive hair. Tightly woven curls are avoided in this technique. Rather further damage of your hair is reduced by keeping the curls much looser and light.

Volumizing Perm Style

With this perm for medium hair you will not only add a volume to your hair but you will also get rid of the frizzy and springy curls. You can now easily make your hair look glamorous and active by choosing the volumising perm style. In this perm technique your hairs will not be provided with any tight and springy curls. So, your hair will breathe out and glow with health by this style.

volumizing perm style

Hopefully, all the worries in your mind have disappeared till now with the given perm styles for medium length hair and you have got your desired style. So, what are you waiting for? Choose your preferable one and rush to your nearby saloon to give your hair a new refined and stylish look.