Crop Haircuts For Women

They say only brave enough go for a crop. To some extent this may be true. It really takes a lot of guts for any woman to actually give up her naturally feminine look and yet look sensuous. Crop haircuts are almost a rage.

Everyone seems to be sporting a crop haircut. It is easy on maintenance and still ups your style quotient like no other haircut. You may choose from a variety of haircuts trending these days amongst which we have compiled few crop haircuts for you. Given below are the 4 best crop haircuts for women.

Attractive Crop Haircuts For women

Flirty Cropped Bob 

A bob can be cropped and made into a flirty bob cut. Get a classic bob cut in place first. Then add few wispy bangs to the front to get that edgy look.

cropped hairstyles

Make sure you keep your bangs sideways to get a sleek look and style. Best suited for people with an oval face and straight hair, it can render a very feminine look to your face.

Chin-Length Bob 

Grow your hair up to your chin and then add lots of bangs and layers to your hair. The bang should be heavy and use a razor to cut the edges. This crop haircut looks best when done with a shaggy look.

Short Straight Bob Hairstyle

When styling, always lift the roots to achieve some height at the crown and then give a sleek finish to your ends by styling them closer to the sides of your face. The textured look, achieved due to heavy layering, looks amazing when topped with some smoothening crème to add shine. Use a crystal studded side clip to add more jazz toy our haircut.

Crop With Razored Ends 

Just get a classic crop cut to your chin-length hair and always part your hair sideways. Get a deep side part and then blow dry your hair inwards. Use a razor to cut your ends to get a soft look and touch to your hair. The best part about this haircut is the way it looks when you create a deep side part.

Crop With Razored Ends

It almost frames your face from one side and creates a diagonal layer, framing your face asymmetrically. You may also choose hair bands and head bands to accessorise this haircut. You may either blow dry your hair or just leave them with some leave in conditioner to get a natural shape and look.

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Angled Crop 

If you are blessed with naturally thick and straight hair, then you sure should try this crop haircut. Cut your crop shorter at the back at the nape of your neck and longer in front. Make sure there is a steep angle as the hair length graduates from short at the nape of the neck to front where the hair is longer.

Angled Crop

This simple crop haircut can be spiced up by simply adding a thick eye brow grazing bang to your front. This may help you create an angle with your haircut, making your face appear less big. Finish it sleek and add shine by using some pomade on your hair.