6 Tips To Cures For Pimples In 24 Hours

Tips To Cures For Pimples In 24 Hours

The dreaded acne can be a spoil sport, especially if one props up on your face just a day before the prom night or your wedding or any other auspicious occasion. What you may be amazed at knowing is that pimples can be cured and very quickly. Read on below for few effective remedies for quick relief from pimples.

Tips To Cure Pimples In 24 Hours

Getting Rid Of Pimples In A Day Is A Process

The major mistake that most of the people make when it comes to handling pimples is to try out disjointed remedies that in fact, can cancel out each other’s effect. For example, washing face with a medicated soap is good and so is applying a honey pack for 20 minutes.

Applying a honey pack

However, if you apply a moisturizer on the skin immediately, the goodness of honey becomes null. So, before you adopt any process of getting rid of acne, make sure that you follow the right method. The most important thing that you need to ensure is that the pimple does not burst open because if it does, you might end up having not one but more pimples on the special day.

Apply a moisturizer on the skin

Keep Your Face Clean

Nothing that you apply on the pimple will work if the skin is not thoroughly clean. Use warm water and a medicated deep cleansing face wash, meant especially for oily skins. Do not rub your face with the face wash since it can rupture the pimple. Be gentle on the skin. Do not wipe face dry. Pat the skin with a thick soft towel. Do this thrice a day and not more because washing your face too many times can rob the skin of moisture and essential oils.

Keep Your Face Clean

What To Apply On The Pimple

There are many remedies that you can try. What you need to keep in mind is that each person may responds differently to remedies. A remedy that works for most people is applying a thick paste of red sandal wood. Leave it overnight and the pimple will be almost gone by morning. Applying the same remedy for a consecutive day will get rid of the pimple completely.

Applying a thick paste of red sandal wood

A few drops of lemon juice mixed with honey works wonders. You can also mix honey with powdered cloves and apply only on the affected area. You will experience slight burning sensation but the redness reduces quickly. Powdered clove can also be mixed with a few drops of fresh mint juice for quick relief from the problem.

A few drops of lemon juice mixed with honey

Crush garlic and apply on the pimple thrice or four times a day for a quick result. Although you will have to bear with the smell, this is one of the fastest ways to cure pimples. Neosporin ointment or powder is a common remedy that most people use and is found to be fairly effective in removing pimples. Application of sulfur based ointments are also said to be effective.

Crush garlic and apply on the pimple

In addition, drink lots of water; eat lots of low fat high fiber fruits and vegetables and stay away from food rich in oils, sugar and preservatives. Also, avoid exposure to severe heat and sun. Most importantly, do not be stressed about pimples. Stress causes havoc in the body, which causes aggravation of acne. Stay calm and get a good long undisturbed sleep apart from consuming 5-6 liters water on regular basis.

Drink enough water