Curly Hair Care

Curly Hair Care

Curly hair can sometimes be a boon and sometimes a bane. When the hair is styled in the right manner, the curls fall smoothly and the overall look is fantastic. But later on, the hair becomes frizzy and totally unmanageable. Small children having curly hair are very cute to look at.

But as they grow older, their hair becomes rough and totally out of control. The main solution lies in taking good care of your hair. Curly hair needs to be taken care of well. If the right hair care is given, it will look even better than straight, silky hair.

Curly hair needs the right kind of hair cut as well as the right kind of products that can take care of your hair like a good shampoo and conditioner which is applied everyday as well as good products to style your hair as well as a good diffuser in your hair dryer. A professional and experienced hairdresser can give a good hair cut for curly hair. But curly hair needs to be restyled every 2 months.

Curly hair needs the right kind of hair cut

Hair products like shampoo and conditioner, which have been specifically made for curly hair, should be used. Curly hair should not be washed using a shampoo on a daily basis else the hair might turn frizzy.

It should be washed every three days using natural hair oil so that the smoothness of the curls is maintained. Curly hair should definitely be conditioned once it is washed. The conditioner should be applied only at the ends of the hair and not the roots. Deep conditioning the hair once every month helps to maintain the smoothness of the hair and also helps to avoid split ends.

Apply conditioner

Curly hair is delicate and a comb can make it break easily. Hence it is advisable to use a pick to comb curly wet hair after a shower. It removes the tangles without breaking the hair or damaging it. Hair serum keeps curly hair firm and glossy while a straightening solution makes curly hair wavy.

Use a pick to comb curly

A diffuser should always be present while blow-drying curly hair. This distributes the heat and air evenly all over the hair and prevents it from becoming frizzy. Avoid using your fingers and playing with your hair and this will spoil the hair.

Avoid using your fingers and playing with your hair