Cute Short Hairstyles For Prom

short hairstylesProm is one of the most awaited evenings in a girl’s life. Every young girl’s dreams of getting married to a Prince Charming but she also dreams of her first prom night! There are many girls who dream about the prom dress  that they will wear and the matching accessories that will go with it.

They dream about their prom date , of course! Since prom is the most special evening in a girl’s life, she should be ready with everything beforehand. If you have shopped already and have bought the dream prom dress then you are left with one of the most important thing.

You need the perfect hairstyle with your perfect prom dress! It is a myth that long hair looks sexy for prom nights. We know many gorgeous young women who have short hair and they still managed to look stunning. According to us, short is simply hot!

Do not worry much because we are here to help you out. If you have no idea as to what to do with your short hair then we will guide you right. Forget the myths and take a look at the options that we have jotted down for you. These cute short prom hairstyles will make you look gorgeous and your date will not be able to take his eyes off you.

List of Cute Short Prom Hairstyles 

Go Flowery! 

When it is about cute prom hairstyles, you should definitely pin up a flower on one side. You would look dazzling in this hairstyle. All you have to do is tuck your side hair behind your ears and pin up a flower such as a rose, orchid or a white flower.

Flowery hairstyle

It can be a real flower but we suggest you to go for the one which is made with fabrics. Real flowers will dry up and go brown. So, pin up a flower on one side and wear your gorgeous prom dress with it. You will look like a Hawaiian beauty!

Slick Straight With Highlights

Use a flat iron to get this look. If you want to look different, cute as well as funky then highlight your hair with your favorite color. You could go with colors like violet, red or even blue. Choose the color you like and highlight your hair. Straighten your hair with a flat iron. Make sure that your hair is slick straight to get the ideal look.

Pixie Hairstyle 

There are many women out there who flaunt this hairstyle. The pixie hairstyle is ideal for short hair and it looks very cute. There are lots of celebrities who sport this hairstyle and they look vibrant and beautiful.

pixie hairstyle

If you want this hairstyle, you would need to go to a hairstylist. He will be able to guide you well! You can wear a dangerous mermaid prom dress with it. Make sure that your dress is tight-fitting and sexy.

Feathered Bob

How about going for a feathered bob? If you want this hairstyle then blow out your hair and use lots of products which helps in volumizing.

You need to have a layered cut in order to get this hairstyle. Ask y our stylist to give your hair a nice blow dry and then give volume to your hair. Your hair will look great! Also, this will give you a very cute look.

Half Up Half Down

Boys would love to see your hair but probably you should go for something which is in between. Go for the half up half down hairstyle as that will make you look stunning.

Half Up Half Down

You can get this hairstyle at home as well. All  you have to do is make a little bun with some hair and leave the rest. This is a very cute hairstyle!

So, choose the best prom hairstyle for yourself. Short is certainly hot and you do not need to have super long hair to look cute. Try these hairstyles for prom because you will definitely get noticed. Have fun and click lots of pictures!