Daily Beauty Regimen To Attain Flawless Skin

flawless skinEverybody wants beautiful and flawless skin, but attaining it is not that effortless. Even though some are blessed with naturally glowing skin and are able to retain it without much efforts, daily beauty regimen is essential.

If you are stern about getting perfect skin, it is vital to stick on to a simple and effective beauty regime. But once you get used to it, you will definitely stay on it for lifelong.

Simple Daily Beauty Regimen For Flawless Skin

There are many steps involved in a daily beauty regimen, which will deliver amazing results if followed correctly. You can add your own beauty mantras and secrets, which you feel are great for your skin.

Skin Cleansing

Cleansing the skin thoroughly is the basic step in a right daily beauty regimen. The outer skin layers get deposited with so much dust, dirt and oil secretions. Overlooking cleansing as a vital step will make our skin dull and lifeless besides making it a breeding ground for pimple causing germs. Cleansing makes your skin an ideal platform for applying other beauty recipes such as masks, lotions and makeup products.


If you are having dry and normal skin, cleansing your face before going to bed with a good branded cleanser will suffice. In the morning wipe your face and neck with cotton dipped in rose water. Rose water is an excellent cleansing liquid. Oily-skinned people can use mild cleansers twice or thrice daily depending on the oiliness.

Too much cleansing is bad for skin as it will promote more breakouts. After slathering the required quantity of cleanser, splash your face with water and clean. Always pat dry with a clean towel or air dry your face. Never skip the cleansing routine before retiring to bed. Make sure that you remove all the makeup including eye makeup. Olive oil can be used as a great eye makeup remover.

Skin Toning

Many women often skip the toning process mainly because of the unawareness regarding what it actually is. Toning helps the skin to maintain its radiance by removing all the leftover dirt on the skin after cleansing.


 A good toner will effectively restore the pH balance of the skin and nourishe it. Tulsi juice is a great natural skin toner, which helps in removing dead skin cells. Cleansing should definitely be followed by toning.

Exfoliate Wisely

Exfoliating your skin is vital in giving a polishing effect to your skin. This step can be skipped if you want, since it is not required on a daily basis. You can exfoliate your skin once a week. You can use good branded facial scrub, abrasive sponges or topical vitamin A derivatives to get exfoliation right.

exfoliate skin

Gently scrub your face in circular movements after wetting the area thoroughly. This helps in getting rid of outer layers of dead skin and reveals glowing skin texture. A blend of lime juice, sweet almond oil and sea salt can be used as a great facial scrub. A mixture of curd and rice floor is another excellent facial scrub.

Moisturize Richly 

Moisturizing is a vital process in any skincare and beauty regimen. In essence “Cleanse, Tone and Moisturize” are the three essential processes in an effective daily beauty regimen. Cleansing and toning should be followed by moisturizing, a crucial step that nourishes and hydrates your skin. A daily hydrating lotion should be chosen for this purpose. Make it a habit to slather good quality facial moisturizer before stepping out into the sun.


Right moisturizing process helps your skin from the attack of early signs of aging. You need to moisturize both your facial and body skin to keep it nourished and hydrated. Apply lotions while your skin is still wet after a nice bath. A blend of onion juice, fullers earth and honey can be used as a good moisturizing mixture. You need to wash it off after 30 minutes.

Keep your scalp and hair clean

Washing your hair and maintaining it healthy is very important. Use shampoo twice a week and go minimum on harsh styling products. Give your treat healthy treats with nourishing hair masks twice a month.

scalp clean

This simple beauty regime should be followed without failure besides ensuring that your body gets enough sleep, water and exercise. Extra care and investment that you do in maintaining your skin will definitely give returns in the form of flawless beauty.