Daily Hair Care Tips And Advice

Daily hair care should be followed to avoid hair problems. Here are a few advices on proper hair care. Hair problems like flyaway hair, hair breakage/ breakouts, hair loss, graying hair and baldness are quite common. It is good to know the problems so that necessary steps are taken to treat them. One common problem predominant in places with dry climate is “flyaway” hair.

It is brought about by static electricity and rough hair cuticles or the outer layer of the hair. This problem can be remedied by using hair products.

The practice of doing crash diets instead of exercising and lowering calorie intake can result in hair loss. To prevent this from happening, you should keep hair products away from scalp and wear clean hats or baseball caps that are not too tight to avoid trapping dirt and sweat.

Hair breakage and dryness are sometimes the result of blow drying every day, so to help your hair try air drying, lowering the setting of blow dryers, and use products that really help the hair like moisturizing shampoos and conditioners or a specialized moisturizing treatment.

Grey hair is the result when the cells at the root of the hair produce lesser Melanin than before. The process is gradual and happens at the age of 30 to 60, but there are people who have grey hair at a much younger age. The solution is hair color/dyes.

Permanent hair dyes have chemicals that react with hydrogen peroxide within the hair and usually the color lasts for four to six weeks.

To make sure no allergic reactions occurs in case of people who are allergic to the chemicals in hair dyes, it is better to pre-test a small amount of the dye to be sure it works for you. For the male population, a baldness pattern can be seen.

Even when experiencing baldness, hair fall out will still continue at its normal rate and the chances of re- growth are quite slim and slow. Other people lose hair a few months after undergoing surgery, infections, stress and weight loss, no matter how abrupt or gradual. This common condition called Telogen Effluvium is only temporary.