3 Home Remedies For Dark Circles Around/Under The Eyes

Home Remedies For Dark Circles Around-Under The Eyes

Dark circles are consistent and round pigmentation areas under as well as around the eyes. Under normal circumstances, this happens due to sleeplessness, poor diet, fatigue or sickness. You can easily identify people who are suffering from chronic insomnia by seeing the dark circles around their eyes.

Sleep is a necessity for being healthy and beautiful. Similarly, it is also essential to have a balanced, nutritious diet.

What Causes Dark Circles Under/Around Eyes?

• Sleeplessness.

• Heredity.

• Retention of fluid that results in puffiness.

• Age thins and loosens the skin under the eyes.

Home Remedies For Dark Circles Under/Around Eyes


Remove makeup from your face completely. Cut the cucumber into small slices and chill them. Place the cucumber slices on your closed eyes and under the eyes. Relax for fifteen minutes. Rub the slices gently on the eyes and wash the eyes. The moisture in the cucumber has a healing effect while the juice lightens your skin. This is good for puffy and tired eyes.


Ice Cubes

Hot sun makes your eyes tired and red. Dark circles develop because of pollution and heat. Wash your face thoroughly. Take two pieces of muslin cloth, put ice cubes in the cloth and wrap them around. Place each of these packs on your eyes after closing your eyes and rub gently.  This will remove the “burned up” feeling on your skin. Use regularly to eliminate dark circles.

Ice Cubes

Green Gourd

In place of cucumber, it is possible for you use green gourd and achieve the same results. The green gourd juice moisturizes your eyes and lightens your skin tones. If you use this on a regular basis, it will help in removing the dark circles.

Green Gourd

How To Prevent Dark Circles

• Sleep well.

• Apply cucumber slices on your eyelids.

• Use sunscreen daily; moisturize your eyes at night.

• Hydrate your skin by drinking a lot of water.

• Use cold compresses.

• Eat fresh vegetables and fruits. Iron deficiency can also cause dark circles.

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