Dating Etiquettes

In today’s youth dating has become a must and it has become a source of pleasure and excitement. Exploring some romantic possibilities is generally awaited by the youngsters. But going on the first date can be a nervous affair and the young crowd is faced by questions.

Dating Etiquettes

One of the first major problems faced by the youngsters while going on a date is regarding the dress. Before going on a date, plan where you guys will be going because outfits can be decided according to the place you are planning to go to. If the venue of the date is not disclosed by your partner and it is supposed to be a surprise then you can surely ask your partner about what should be worn by you and his answer can solve your problem very easily.

If you do not want to ask your partner then you can go in for smart casual dresses which will suit all the situations. Another question which haunts before a date is should one kiss on the first date or not. There is no particular answer to this question as it all depends upon person to person. Kissing a person means indicating the person your personal feelings that you really love that person. If you want to reveal your feelings then you can go for it but there isn’t a sure answer for this because this is such a thing which only time, mood and situation can reveal.

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One of the scariest questions before going on a date is should one end up having sex on the first date or not. Again this is a very difficult question to be answered. Some people are strictly against it and some don’t have any problem regarding this. If one answer is to be given for this question then it would be no for most of the couples because everybody has some reservations and favoring the reservations is surely not a bad option because they are generally headed in a right direction. Another question which strikes again and again before the first date is should one say those magical three words i.e. “I Love you”. The answer to this question is that you should listen to your feelings for this. If you really feel that way you should go ahead and say it but saying these words for just the heck of saying is very wrong. You should not say these words till the time you do not feel them.

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One of the similar questions which one thinks is should you introduce him or her to your folks? The answer to this question depends upon your age. Being a teenager you can surely do that and it is good for safety purpose also as your parents must be aware where to look for you in case of eventualities. But if you are not living with your parents then you should take enough time to analyze your feelings for your partner before disclosing about your relationship.Before going on the first date some things are to be left unanswered as they can be decided on that particular situation only. So, go ahead and enjoy your first date and make it a special and memorable one.

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