Dating Rules

dating-rulesWhen you have been out of the dating scene for awhile, it can seem pretty hard to get back on the bike and start riding again. Then again, maybe you have the complete opposite in troubles and women just seem to be all over you. (It should be that easy for everyone) Regardless of your issues, there are always rules that need to be followed.

If you have been off the dating scene for some time, it can be a little scary to get back out there and try again. Women are strange and fickle creatures and it takes time to learn about them. Once you get this part down the rest is a cake walk. I realize that it is easier said than done but practice makes perfect. The more you get out there, the more confidence you will have.

What if you have the confidence to get out there, meet women, go on dates and then you get stuck. Amazingly enough, there are still a few men out there that come from a conservative background and don’t feel to kiss on the first date or even kiss in public.

If you are out on a date and the lady that you are with is a little aggressive, use that to your advantage. Take that time to learn more about the opposite sex and figure out what the green lights are so you know when to go and when to stop. This will help you gain your confidence.

If you are great friends with a woman that is wonderful since it is a great basis for a wonderful relationship. But, don’t let it go on too long if you want more from the relationship. You may miss the boat and you opportunity for something more can float down the river before you know it.

Remember gentleman, it is important to be gentle and kind but you also have to have a little assertiveness. If you don’t you may just end up sitting on the couch with the cat watching an old movie with nothing but a bowl of popcorn.