Dating Tips

dating-tipsBeing young and on the dating market can seem a little scary if not down right intimidating. Especially if your friends all seem to have girlfriends or just make it look easy when hitting on someone and getting a date.

You have to have that confidence about yourself and stop worrying about your own insecurities. Many times we let our past predict our future and that is a big mistake. Also, stop worrying about the other guy. What works for him may not necessarily work for you. We all have our own way that works for us we just need to find it.

When you are walking down the street or at a club and a nice looking girl notices you, smile at her. If you think she’s pretty, ask for her name. And make sure that you give her a big confident smile. Don’t make it look fake or cheesy.

Another great way to meet girls is ballroom dancing. Don’t laugh. First off, if you don’t know how to dance than this is a necessary evil. Women like men who can dance. Once you start taking the class, if you meet someone that is nice, find out if she is attached.

By the way, it is a great thing when you start dating young in your 20’s. You are getting the privilege of starting out with a clean slate. This is a once in a lifetime never to happen again so take advantage of it. You don’t have the skeletons in your closet of ex-girlfriends that you ticked off and she beat up your car.

This actually gives you some what of an advantage since you can have that sweet and innocent thing going for you. And if you are lucky enough, the girl that you meet may be a newbie on the scene as well. This way, she won’t have all of those high expectations of you as someone with a past history would.

So, think of the benefits and not the cons of your situation and make the best out of it. Believe you me when I say that there are a lot of men that would love to trade places.