Dazzling Smile With Home Remedies For Toothaches

Toothache Pain

ToothachesToothache basically means horrible pain! When your tooth aches, you cannot chew, eat or even smile. At those times you just do not feel like talking at all. You also get cravings but you cannot do much because you cannot eat your favorite candy, chocolates or something yummy. When you have a toothache, the dazzling smile disappears from your face. It will only make you cry because the pain is unbearable.

The causes of a toothache can be many. You might have binged on chocolate for the entire weekend or some horrible gum disease called gingivitis. The good news is that we have a solution to get back your lovely smile. You do not have to visit the doctor because there are some excellent home remedies to cure toothache. Take a look at the effective home remedies for toothache as they really work.

List Of Home Remedies For Toothaches

A Piece Of Clove

Clove is a wonder spice! Many people underestimate this spice by considering it a part of the kitchen for cooking purposes. Actually, it has other benefits too. It can make your henna color darker and the best thing it does is it cures toothaches. Try and have ground cloves because they work better. Just put a piece of clove in your mouth where your tooth is hurting. You will get relief from toothaches in no time by taking a single piece of clove.

Warm Water And Salt Therapy

Warm water and salt is a very old therapy which cures toothaches. You have to rinse your mouth with a little warm water and table salt dissolved in it. It gives relief quickly and you will sleep peacefully at night.

Warm Water And Salt Therapy Toothaches

The combination of salt and water helps in killing bacteria in the mouth and also reduces swelling.

Eat Raw Lime

How about eating raw lime? The taste may not be great for some people but the home remedy does work. Lime is rich in Vitamin C and it helps in maintaining your teeth. It will also help in preventing the loosening and decaying of teeth. It does not matter if you have bleeding gums or a toothache, lime will cure it in a minute. Just remember that lime and lemon are different, so do not mistake lime with lemon.

Garlic For Relief

Garlic is used to cure innumerable health problems. You can take garlic with a little rock salt to get relief from toothaches. It is inexpensive and is found in every household.

Garlic For Relief

You can chew a piece of garlic everyday in the morning as it will help in curing any tooth problem. However you should not have too much of garlic because it may cause irritation.

Whiskey For Toothaches 

Who says alcohol is not good for health? It surely isn’t but whiskey is good for your teeth. If you are having terrible toothache, rise your mouth with whiskey and you will get relief from the pain. However you should have it neat and without any ice because cold whiskey will worsen the condition.

So, choose any of the above mentioned home remedies if you have a bad toothache next time. Do not worry or cry because these will definitely work wonders. Try these as they will get back the dazzling smile on your face.