Dealing With Hunger

eat-rightIf you have been on a diet for too long, many a time you would have surely experienced hunger spasms. Now, if you fail to resist eating under such circumstances, act impulsive and eat whatever that has not been suggested in your diet, you have committed a foul.

It is but natural that anybody on a diet is prone to eat that forbidden fruit in most of the cases, simply because your system has been refused it for so long.

You should first understand what causes these hunger pangs and then learn to deal with them. Invariably, a majority of these plans leave you a bit hungry most of the time. You are able to ignore those initial signals of hunger for quite a while. In the meantime, the level of sugar continues to go down further in your body and ultimately your brain gets that signal, which propels you to eat.

As a result you rush to eat something that’s readily available. Most of the ready to eat foods come in the form of chocolates, candies, pastries, etc.  All these have long been eliminated from your diet plan. That makes the urge to eat these all the more strong and that ruins your diet plan.

So, you see it’s natural to get an urge to eat between prescribed meals. But, you have to be smart enough to take care of those hunger pangs without really affecting your planned diet. Planning is the key to such situations. Make a plan to include a healthy snack in between your meals. Unfortunately there are not many healthy foods available in cans or packets.

Don’t get carried away by gimmicks like “Fat Free” and “Natural Sugar.” The solution lies in eating natural foods, and nothing can beat vegetables, fruit and even popcorn, but without butter. Keep raw vegetables handy. You could consume vegetable salads as a snack or include fruits for such occasions. You may mix and match these items to get a variety. Ready availability of such snacks is very important. That calls for a slight effort on your part to plan smartly.