Dealing with the Emotional Stress of Divorce

Divorce can be a very unsettling experience and there usually is a lot of distress after one is divorced and it can be stressful as well.

Here are some tips on how to cope with the aftermath:

Usually a divorce triggers all sorts of emotions which range from grief to insecurity. There are times when people start to blame themselves for whatever has happened. This is when they start feeling a sense of guilt that spirals them into depression. The situation is not the usual which calls for many changes and these are normal reactions to a situation that is not as easy as it would have been before.

The first thing to do is for the grief to be accepted after which it will be easy to cope with other emotions. All other emotions are usually generated out of this intense sense of grief.

If one tries to fight it, one might start living in denial which will cause further stress, anger, and senses of fear and vulnerability as well. Initially one might get into the state of numbness towards everything, which can be an extreme reaction of acceptance, but this will gradually fade and the event will become a thing in the past.

Once the grief has been accepted as a reaction to divorce, its effects will ebb and it becomes important for you to move on. Decide firmly that you have to move forward and that stalling will be wasting even more time. One of the finest ways to start afresh is by prioritizing.

Put the important day to day activities ahead of your emotional meltdown and start working immediately on them. Initially it will seem futile, but you will have to push forward and as normal life will settle into a routine, you will find it easier to follow a pattern and be able to do things as you want to.

One of the most practical solutions is to put all the things away that would spark any memories of the past relationship. Limit your contact with your ex and always go to a friend to talk things out if you are not able to contain them.