Diet For Polycystic Ovarian Syndrome

Polycystic Ovarian SyndromePolycystic ovary syndrome is very common in females and affects the endocrine glands totally. The polycystic ovary syndrome is quite chronic and complex in nature. The disorder is quite different and to a large extent it can be classified as a genetic disease. Around five to ten percent of the women aging between thirteen to forty eight are affected with this and it is one of the main reasons for the semi-fertility in the women.

Girls of the reproductive age face such issue with their endocrine glands. This syndrome leads to a female non-ovulation, irregular periods, excessive secretion of masculine hormones, obesity, high levels of cholesterol or sugar etc. The women affected with polycystic ovaries should follow a diet to overcome such a syndrome and they are:

Best Diet Remedies For Polycystic Ovarian Syndrome

High Intake Of Carbohydrates

Intake of food and nutrient with high fiber and proteins should be increased in the diet. Carbohydrates if not taken properly can result in unwanted fluctuations in the level of sugar.

Fresh green vegetables

Sugary and jaggery food, spicy and oily food should be all abstained from and whole-wheat food, leafy vegetables and fresh fruits should be included in the meals. High starchy food should not be consumed with high carbohydrates since it gives a rise to sugar level.

Abstain From Saturated Fats

The saturated fats should be abstained from totally and dairy and milky products should be all with low fats. The fish, nuts and white meat or red meat and oils which are unsaturated like olive, canola or corn etc should be consumed.


Almonds, flax seeds etc should be included since it helps in a good digestion and is not a bad fat. A non-vegetarian can include fish in their diet and eating of boiled and steamed foods is recommended instead of fried.

Reduced Intake Of Sugar And Salt

The carbohydrates which are complex in nature take a longer duration to digest and the enriched carbohydrates are quite easy to digest. Foods with whole wheat or grains are recommended and preferred to be taken in.

Whole Grains

A proper consultation should be made so that the servings of carbohydrates do not exceed beyond the amount required. Citrus juice, pepper etc can be used in place of salt and canned products should be avoided.

Increment Of Fatty Acids

The fatty acids help in reduction of weight and the secretion of hormones also get balanced in a later stage which in turn creates an aura for a healthy conception. For vegetarians the oil from evening primrose helps in providing and fishes do the best for non-vegetarians.


Omega fatty acids should be consumed daily with the meals since it is healthy for the child and can be even consumed during pregnancy. The primrose oil should be taken till ovulation as it increases the phlegm of cervix and the metabolism rate increases.

Abstaining Caffeine


Coffee and other caffeine products should be abstained from since the estrogen levels increases and it hinders the follicular phase in the women. The estrogen increases the ovulation which should be increased naturally through the ovulation and teccino can be consumed instead of coffee.

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