Diet Tips for Mouth Ulcer

mouth ulcerMouth ulcers are open lesions or sores in the mouth, which is caused due to a variety of reasons including immune system problems, infections, self-inflicted bites, abrasions or damage related to dentures or braces or other problems. People usually discover the sores, when they experience pain and discomfort.

Diet for mouth ulcers mainly concentrates on keeping away from irritants and maintaining clean mouth to promote healing. Acidic, salty, spicy, hot and abrasive beverages and foods are the common irritants that you need to avoid. However, they may vary from one person to another.

Diet for Mouth Ulcer

Foods to Enjoy

Chilled beverages and cold foods bring a soothing effect to painful mouth ulcers. You can reduce the abrasive quality of vegetables and fruits through cooking. It is always good to choose frozen or fresh foods, as the acid in them is less when compared to canned food.

mouth ulcer

Also, it contains less salt than the processed foods. Unseasoned, plain meat and grain dishes also help, as they contain very little acid and their pH is neutral. Sipping cold milk, iced tea or ice water during meals removes the irritants and debris from other foods.

Foods to Limit

Although the nutrients present in vegetables and fruits boost the immune system, it contains acid, which can aggravate the condition and cause more discomfort. The vegetables and fruits can be used in moderation until the symptoms subside. You can include tomatoes, berries, plums, pears, peaches, oranges, nectarines, mangos, apricots and apples in your diet. It is recommended to eat whole fruits and avoid preserves, sauces and juices. In addition, people must avoid eating sweets, as they are fermented to acids by the bacteria present in the mouth, which delay healing and also contributes to tooth-decay.

Foods Rich in Vitamin B

Apart from other diseases like depression, mania, fatigue and anemia, deficiency of Vitamin B also causes mouth ulcers.


Therefore, include foods like fish, eggs, meat, soy milk, eggs, rice milk, and oysters, which are rich in vitamin B to heal mouth ulcers.

Folic Acid

Mouth ulcers are usually recurring. However, you can prevent this by including foods that are rich sources of folic acid. Dark green vegetables like lettuce, asparagus, collard greens, spinach, turnip greens and green peas are rich sources of folic acid. Papaya and beans can also be added to your daily diet.

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Coconut Water

This has a soothing effect and heals the mouth ulcers quickly.

coconut water

Coconut water will not only soothe inflammation due to mouth ulcers, but also prevents them from recurring.

Foods to Avoid

You need to avoid salty as well as spicy foods such as pretzels and curries, as they cause a stinging sensation. Pomegranates, grapefruit, pineapples, lemon and lime are highly acidic and cause stinging effect. Foods such as salad dressing, which has vinegar and pickled foods, must be avoided, as they have high acid content. Seeds and nuts are abrasive and scratch mouth ulcers. They often leave hard and small particles behind.

Iron Rich Foods

Besides curing mouth ulcer, iron will also strengthen muscles and bones. Therefore, include iron rich foods like wheat gram, eggs, broccoli, potato, pumpkin, cereals, sesame, ham, turkey, chicken liver, oysters, beef and spinach in your diet.