7 Diet Tips To Reduce Blood Sugar Level

7 Diet Tips To Reduce Blood Sugar Levels

Diabetes is a medical condition that features high levels of blood sugar which are caused by an irregular diet pattern that an individual follows.You can follow a medical treatment that would help to keep the blood sugar levels under control.This would help you to gain an immediate control over the blood levels.

You can follow good diet tips to reduce blood sugar levels as it will help you to curb the incidences of sudden rise in the blood sugar levels in your body.Read on this article to gain an insight into the various diets that would help you to have a good control over your levels of blood sugar. But make sure that you take an advice from your doctor before starting this diet.

Tips For Reduce Blood Sugar Levels

Foods Rich In Healthy Carbohydrates

Eat moderate amount of carbohydrates to ensure that the blood sugar is under control. Eat foods such as dairy products, beans, whole grains, vegetables and fruits to have a healthy diet of carbohydrates.This will ensure that the digestion process makes the complex carbohydrates to break down into blood sugar.


Take small servings at moderate intervals of these foods to maintain the level of blood sugar. Fresh fruits and vegetables top the diet tips to reduce blood sugar levels.

Fiber Rich Foods

Focus on including those foods that have high fiber content such as nuts, wheat bran, wheat flour, lentils, peas, beans, vegetables and fruits.This would help to keep your blood sugar levels under control.


Sea Foods

Replace your diet with meat with fish as it is very healthy for your heart and also helps to maintain the blood sugar levels.The sea food also is low in fat and make sure you prepare gravy or other dish without using up as much oil. So avoid eating fried fish in your diet as it is not healthy.


Protein Rich Diet

This diet is very essential if you wish to have a diabetic free life.It is free of carbohydrates and fat and also helps to build the muscle mass and retains the health of your bones, nails and hair which are essential for a diabetic condition.


Avoid foods With High Gluten Index

The gluten index plays a major role in your blood sugar levels.Try to avoid GIU rich foods such as carrots, raisins and dried fruits.


Saturated Fats

Include about 7% of meat that are rich in saturated fats such as beef, sausages, bacon, dairy products and poultry in your daily diet.Anything more than the required percentage is not advisable.


Avoid Foods With High Carbohydrates

Cut the foods that have rich carbohydrate content such as white rice or white flour as they have rich carbohydrates which would highly contribute to the blood sugar levels which would drastically increase the blood sugar levels.

spicy food

Stay away from pastries or cakes or other goodies which might look tempting to you as they might be rich in carbohydrates, rich in fat, rich in sugar content and are not a good option for your diabetes.