Diet To Cure Seizures

seizuresEpileptic seizures are one of the most problematic issues in an epilepsy patient’s life. They disrupt daily life, may cause injury, and cause immense inconvenience to the people who suffer from them. Although anti-epileptic and anti-seizure medications exist, they cannot prevent 100% of seizures, and often have side effects in the long term if taken in high doses.

The most well-known and most effective diet to combat occurrences of epileptic seizures is called the ketogenic diet. It features high fat, moderate protein and low carbohydrate intake. Seizures are seen to have a relation to sugar amounts in the blood.

The high-fat diet, when converted to energy, produces ketones, a group of organic chemicals that been observed to reduce the frequency of seizures. It has been observed that increased ketone levels in the blood help the brain to prevent sudden irregular electrical impulses, the primary cause of seizures.

Best Diet To Cure Seizures

Starchy Vegetables

Any starchy vegetable items, like potatoes, beet roots, and any other vegetable with high starch content must be avoided. Starch gets converted to sugar in the body, which then fuels the brain’s working.


Although this is the normal procedure of powering the human brain, a brain susceptible to epileptic seizures becomes even more vulnerable in the presence of high levels of sugar. A ketogenic diet advises the intake of very low carbohydrates to reduce the sugar level in the bloodstream, thereby reducing the frequency of seizures.


Most nuts have high oil content, and these oil contain many valuable and beneficial vitamins and unsaturated fatty acids.


Unlike common vegetable oils, oils from walnuts and peanuts are especially beneficial since they help reduce epileptic seizures, and also contain unsaturated fatty acids, keeping cholesterol under control and controlling the build-up of fat in the bloodstream. Nuts are also advisable since they have a high roughage content, aiding digestion and increasing circulation to the digestive system.


All fishes are allowed and encouraged. The meat, and the oils of fishes are highly nutritious, and promote ketosis of the human body. Ketosis is a state where the body uses fat rather than carbohydrates as food.


Fish oils also contain unsaturated omega-3 fatty acids which are highly nutritious for the brain. Fish also provide you with important micronutrients which are important for the body’s proper functioning. Their fat and mineral-rich nature make fish an ideal food item for an anti-seizure diet.

Milk And Milk Products

Full-fat milk is one of the best foods to have in a ketogenic diet. Rich in fat and nutrients, it can supply the brain with a rich supply of ketones.


Milk products like cheese and butter also serve the same purpose, providing the body with crucial nutrients and helping the body go into a state of ketosis, thereby reducing the frequency of seizures. Other benefits include that milk is in itself a complete food.


For proteins, a delicate balance needs to be maintained. Proteins are needed by the body to maintain and repair body tissue from daily wear and tear, but too much of protein can cause the liver to process the protein into glucose, which will cause an increase in seizure frequency.


Pulses and other protein sources must be maintained after consulting a physician who can advise you on the right amount of protein to keep in your daily diet to provide your body with all the protein it needs, but none to convert into glucose.

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