Diet to Prevent Headache

Do you know that diet has direct influence on headache? Unhealthy food, allergy, hypoglycemia (low blood sugar level), dehydration, indigestion, constipation, certain food stuffs etc can lead to headache.

Studies have proved that with right diet headaches could be cured. For this, the first step is to study in detail what are the basic causes of headache for the patient.

There are certain headache-causing stuffs like chocolates containing tyramine, phenylethylamine, certain cheese, chicken liver, certain beans, bear, which has an over dose of histamine. Red wine, preservatives like sulphate used in canned food, nitrate used to preserve fish and meat, caffeine, certain nuts, ajinomoto (mono sodium glutamate) used in junk foods, artificial sweeteners like aspartame, equal, nutrasweet etc…

The best method to find a solution for your splitting headache is controlling the diet. For this the first step is to maintain a food diary. Jot down all the headache-causing food stuffs and avoid taking that in the future, drink plenty of water daily (say 8-10 glasses).

By fixing a proper time for food BP patients could prevent hypoglycemia and headache. Never eat food in a jiffy, take time, chew the food well and eat slowly. This method could block headaches caused due to indigestion. Consume a lot of fibre-rich fruits, vegetables to prevent constipation-related headaches.

Food loaded with certain nutrients can do wonders against headache. The things that are to be included in the diet without fail are banana, garlic and dry grapes, which are rich in vitamin A; oats, pulses, olive oil, which are rich sources of vitamin E; sea foods, cashew nuts that contains vitamin B, magnesium-rich food like apple, garlic, green leafy vegetables etc… Keep in mind that certain food stuffs mentioned above may not suit some people, in that case avoid those stuffs.

Some important points to remember are: Have breakfast within three hours of waking up. Never skip your breakfast. In some people even if they don’t take food at one time in the day also can lead to headache. The best thing is to eat food at intervals and never overeat. In the course of controlling the diet, if you stop drinking coffee or tea abruptly, you will get headache.

The best way to get rid of headache is maintaining the water balance in the body by consuming lot of fluids.