5 Diet Treatment For All Allergies

5 Diet Treatment For All Allergies

An abnormal response of the immune system is an allergy.People who are allergic have an immune system that reacts adversely to a usually harmless substance in the environment or food.Allergic reactions could be itchy eyes, rashes,a dripping nose etc.

A majority of food allergies are caused by certain proteins found in peanuts, eggs, fish and shellfish like shrimp, crab and lobster.Changes in your dietary habits by avoiding or by consuming certain foods can help ease the allergic symptoms. Here is some information that might be useful in helping you deal with your allergies.

Best Diet Treatment For All Allergies

Dietary Avoidance

For treating food allergies, the best way to go about is to avoid the allergen that is causing it. Once you have identified the food to which you are sensitive, the food must be removed from your diet completely. To do so, you must read the detailed list of ingredients on the labels of foods before consuming them.


Also, be aware that some allergens such as eggs and peanuts are used in chocolates and bakery goods.Such foods need to be avoided too. In restaurants, stay away from foods that cause allergic reactions in you. It is best to let the person taking your order know that you are allergic to certain foods and make sure that they are not included in your food.

Mangosteen Juice

Mangosteen juice is getting quite popular in treating allergies.It is a fruit that contains xanthones and other phytonutrients that fight allergens.

mangosteen juice

It has been found to promote a stronger immune system and better cardio vascular health. In addition it helps fight infections, fever, fatigue,inflammation and provides a host of other health benefits.However, do note that the juice is beneficial only if it is 100% pure and free from any kind of artificial flavours.

Fruity Vegetables

A study has found that a diet rich in fruity vegetables helps keeping children allergy-free. Fruity vegetables are those that grow from a plant’s flower.Zucchini, green beans, tomatoes, eggplants and cucumbers are some of the few such vegetables.

fruits and vegitables

Incidents of asthma and allergies in children significantly decrease if they consume at least 1½ oz of such vegetables in a day. The protective effect of these fruity vegetables is unquestionable.


Even though fish in itself causes allergies in some people,it helps those who are not allergic to it in keeping them symptom free from other allergens.

fish food

Consuming up to 2 oz of fish a day has proven to keep children free from asthma and allergies in addition to improving their overall health.The omega-3 fatty acids found commonly in fish like tuna, salmon, and mackerel can decrease the risk of developing allergies.

Other Foods

To lower the impact of an allergy, eating honey has been recommended.It can be added to warm tea to help ease nasal congestion caused by an allergy.

chiken soup

Sipping warm tea or eating chicken soup is great in helping break up congestion in airways,thus making it easier to cough up mucus.Probiotics found in yoghurt has also been found to reduce the symptoms of pollen allergy in children.