5 Diet Treatment For Curing Migraines

5 Diet Treatment For Curing Migraines

Migraine refers to a common condition that is usually accompanied by severe headache on one or both sides of the head.Other symptoms of migraine include stuffy nose,seeing flashing lights, craving for chocolates, and difficulties in sleeping.

Though causes of migraines are not exactly known, studies have revealed that eating certain foods can sometimes trigger migraines. Also, if you eat a good diet,it becomes easier for your body to fight against migraines.Here are certain diet tips that you can consider for controlling migraines.

Diet Treatment For Migraines

Avoid Cheese, especially Aged Ones

Studies have proved that for some people eating aged cheese can act as a major trigger for migraines.This is because cheeses are high in tyramine – a compound that triggers migraines. Apart from cheese, you should also avoid other foods that can cause migraine attacks.


Examples of such foods can include rocessed meats,olives, nuts, certain beans and avocados.Ideally, you should avoid red wine as well. However, if you have to attend a party or gathering, where drinking wine is a social norm, taking medications before drinking the wine will be a good idea.

Do Not Use Addictives In your Food

If you are prone to migraine attacks,it is better to stop using addictives in your food.This is because like tyramine,chemicals in these addictives can enhance the blood flow to your brain,thus increasing the chances of headache. Though experts are not sure how addictives increase the blood flow, they say that they somehow affect the blood vessels.


Eat Foods At Regular Intervals

For people prone to migraine attacks, eating regularly is crucial.This is because if you remain hungry for many hours, chances of developing a headache increase.

grilled chicken

In general, you should avoid anything that might disturb the normal functioning of your body and this includes staying hungry for long. So, it is important to eat at regular hours. Also, for maintaining your energy levels in the morning, you can opt for a high protein breakfast that includes eggs, grilled chicken or tofu.

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Drink Caffeine, But With Caution

It is true that drinking caffeine induced drinks can trigger migraine attacks in some people. However, the irony is that drinking coffee or tea can also provide you with temporary relief from migraine.

drink caffein

Still, too much caffeine can be a bad thing and for this reason, it is better to drink maximum 1 or two cups of coffee per day. If you don’t want to drink coffee, go for herbal teas.

Use Ginger In Cooking

Studies have revealed that using warm spices such as ginger in foods can help you to control migraines.Ginger contains certain compounds that fight against inflammatory substances that cause migraines. There is no recommended dosage of ginger and you can use it as much as you like.


Apart from following these diet tips, you should also ensure that you eat foods that are rich in antioxidants, crucial vitamins and minerals.Examples can include whole grains,beans, legumes, fruits and other seasonal vegetables. Also, if you think that it has become impossible to control your headaches, it is better to get in touch with a doctor and seek his or her opinion.