Diet Treatment For Yeast Infection

Yeast InfectionYeast sure is good while baking. But if it is present on your body, it can make you feel miserable. It leaves one feeling itchy all the time and irritable too. Yeast grows in the most dark and intimate parts of your body causing extreme discomfort and itching.

Yeast infection, in some cases, can take sometime to cure completely. While in some cases, it can be cured with few simple measures. Yeast infection can also reoccur frequently if not taken good care of. Few alterations in diet can help a lot. Here are the 7 diet treatment tips for yeast infection.

Best Diet Treatment For Yeast Infection

Say No To Sugar 

Stay Away From Sugar

Any type of infection can actually be aggravated if you do not control your sugar intake. Sugar actually makes the harmful bacteria and fungus grow and that too at a much faster rate. So say no to sugar at all costs. In fact, if possible, try to curb down your sugar intake until your infection is cured completely.

Eat Garlic 

Garlic has great bacteria fighting properties. Try to increase your garlic intake if you can. You can either chew on raw garlic cloves or add it to your dishes.


But make sure that you decide upon your garlic intake only after consulting your physician. It is important for you to understand the amount of garlic that is best suited for your body. Too much garlic can result in bleeding at times.

Increase Your Yoghurt Intake 


Yoghurt is actually full of good bacteria. Yeast infection happens when the balance between good bacteria and harmful bacteria is lost. Yoghurt intake can help restore this balance in your body by increasing good bacteria. So include yoghurt in your regular diet.

Include Fiber 

Fiber helps in colon cleansing and also tries to curb yeast by reducing inflammation. Try to eat whole grains, oats, flaxseeds and leafy vegetables to increase your fiber intake.


Fiber is a great way of promoting overall health also. Fiber also enables good digestion, a good body cleansing also helps to control yeast growth.

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Avoid Mushrooms And Vinegar 


Mushrooms belong to the family of fungus and it can cause yeast infection. So avoid it in every way. It can aid in yeast growth. Vinegar is also found to aid in yeast infection growth. So make sure you do not add vinegar to your dishes. But if you must, bring down the amount you add.

Grapefruit Seed Extract 

Grapefruit seed extract actually help kills the yeast infection. It has been long known as a good antifungal agent. You may also eat a handful of grapefruits everyday. These little changes can go a long way in treating yeast infection.

Avoid Alcohol 

Yeast actually feeds on alcohol. So steer clear of alcohol till you cure yeast infection. Alcohol can add on to your problems all the more so be very careful of avoiding alcohol.


You must also avoid refined grains and starch as they increase overall sugar level in your blood. Hence increasing yeast infection. Yeast breads also make the yeast flourish on the body.

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