6 Dietary Treatment of Diabetes

6 Dietary Treatment of Diabetes

A diabetes diet also medically known as MNT – Medical Nutrition Therapy is nothing but eating an assortment of nutritious and healthy food in moderate quantity and following regular meal times.This kind of diet includes naturally rich nutrients and is low in fat.

The emphasis is on eating whole grains, vegetables and fruits. Actually, a diabetes diet plan can be followed by any one. The primary aim for an individual with diabetes is to regulate the blood sugar levels and certain type of foods can help them to keep the levels under control.

Diabetes management involves physical activity, weight management and healthy eating.Mentioned below are some of the suggestions that can be included in your diet.

Dietary Treatment of Diabetes


Porridge is considered as a good carbohydrate. It has high soluble fiber and digests slowly.Hence, it will not raise the blood sugar quickly. Also, it works towards maintaining a healthy sugar level over a period of time.


Besides providing a steady source of energy, this high-quality carbohydrate also helps in weight loss. This is quite important for people suffering from type-2 diabetes, as they are usually overweight. The glucose level can be significantly controlled when the weight is reduced.

Green beans, Spinach and Broccoli

According to diabetes experts, you need to include non-starchy vegetables like green beans, spinach and broccoli in your daily diet.They are low in carbohydrates and high in fibre, which are ideal foods for diabetics.


However, you need not cut down completely on starchy vegetables like potatoes, butternut squash, corn, broad beans etc. from your diet, as they provide additional nutrients. It is important to maintain a balance and stick to appropriate portion size.


You need not shy away from this exotic berry due to its sweetness. A handful of these berries make a healthy nibble and will not raise the glucose levels too much.


They are a better option than sweets or biscuits. They are low in carbohydrates and calories. Also, they will keep you fuller as they are high in water and fibre.

Whole Grains

Research has proved that people, who consume 3 servings of whole grains in a day, are less likely to develop the risk of Type-2 diabetes.Include whole-grain products as much as possible in the daily diet.


For example, a serving can include whole-grain pasta (1/2 cup), cooked brown rice (1/3 cup), cooked slow-cook or steel-cut oats (1/2 cup) or whole-grain bread (1 slice).

Eat Nuts

Including nuts in your diet can cut the risk of Type-2 diabetes. You can pick dry-roasted or raw nuts with no added sugar, salt or fat.


Add them to grain dishes or salads for that extra flavor and nutrition.Also, you can choose almond butter or natural peanut to top your whole-grain toast.

Lean Meats and Salmon

Meats that are rich in proteins do not affect the sugar levels as carbohydrates. Foods such as skinless chicken breast, lean-cuts of meat and fish are healthy options that can be included in a diabetic diet.


Salmon contains high amounts of omega-3 fatty acids.The mineral chromium present in meat enables insulin to function appropriately and also helps in metabolizing carbohydrates.