Diets That Help Reduce Belly Fat

Diets That Help Reduce Belly Fat

Diets That Help Reduce Belly Fat Almost all of us who wish to shed some extra pounds would be annoyed with one part of the body that seems to remain the same even after losing weight; the belly. According to many individuals, the fat surrounding the belly is the hardest to get rid of and can take months or even years of rigorous dieting and exercising to disappear.

On the contrary, it is actually the belly fat that starts disappearing first as you lose weight. The only issue is that you won’t be able to notice it until after a few months. So if you are losing weight and can’t seem to notice the bulge in your tummy reducing, don’t lose hope.

Amazing Belly Fat Diet

Many individuals tend to believe that certain foods and diets would help them reduce the fat stored around the belly, which is true to an extent. However, what everyone needs to note here is that in addition to reducing belly fat, these diets would also help in overall weight reduction (including the visceral fat which is not visible outside the body). So if you are planning on getting your belly (and the rest of your body in shape), here are the best food options you can go for in a belly slimming diet.

Healthy Contradictions

First let us take a look at those foods that are commonly mistaken as being unhealthy contributors of belly fat.


Your body cannot be deprived of fat forever. Surprisingly, fat can prevent sudden hunger pangs. So make sure you get your daily dose of fat in moderate quantities. Opt for the monounsaturated varieties like canola or olive oil instead of normal hydrogenated vegetable oils that contain plenty of trans-fat.


Although you need to stay away from them if you have high cholesterol, you can opt for a couple of these at occasional intervals to replenish the Vitamin B12 stores in your body.

Diets That Help Reduce Belly Fat

Vitamin B12 helps your body metabolize fat faster, thereby helping you lose weight faster rather than gaining it. So make it a point to have eggs for breakfast in order to kick-start your metabolism first thing in the morning.

Dairy Products

Some of us would restrict dairy products completely until we lose weight. However, the fact is that a little amount of dairy a day would help you lose belly fat effectively. The reason? Dairy products are loaded with calcium, an element that helps to break down fat depositories effectively in addition to preventing them from forming again. All you need to do is look out for fat free/low fat dairy products rather than opting for the full fat alternatives.

Peanut Butter

Peanut butter as a potential belly fat slimming ingredient? You might think that we are joking here. No we are not! Although it is loaded with healthy fat (which is also not considered good if consumed in large proportions), peanut butter contains a substance called niacin.

Niacin kick-starts the digestive system and makes sure it functions properly. This in turn would prevent the formation of fat stores in and around the belly (and other parts of the body as well) and would also prevent bloating; an essential contributor to belly fat. So make sure to indulge in peanut butter snacks now and then. Just pick the variety that is natural and does not contain added sugar.


Another potential belly fat contributor in the slimming list? Well it depends on the type of cheese that you choose. The Parmigiano Reggiano cheese is low in calories and high in calcium content.

Diets That Help Reduce Belly Fat

In addition to preventing fat buildup, this would ensure the breakdown of existing fat depositories, thus helping you lose that incessant belly fat quickly and effectively. Parmigiano Reggiano cheese also contains high amounts of proteins that can keep you full for longer periods and so prevent sudden hunger pangs.

Almonds and Nuts

You can be surprised at how munching on a few nuts can keep your hunger satisfied for hours on end. In fact, a steady diet of nuts (minus the salted variety) a day can keep you more satisfied than rice cakes or other similar foods. Stick to moderate amounts to get rid of belly fat.

Traditional Belly Fat Detractors

And here’s a list of those foods that are usually considered in a diet aiming to lose belly fat.

Whole Grains

Skip the bad carbs and opt more for foods like whole grains that contain good, healthy carbs that provide your body with the energy it needs without necessarily piling up fat. Whole grains also contain plenty of fiber which satisfy your hunger faster and keep it that way for longer periods. Opt for packages that read out ‘100% Whole Wheat’ or ‘Whole Grain’ over those that simply read out ‘Wheat’.

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Some of us get the sudden urge to eat everything in sight first thing in the morning. This can be attributed to a decrease in the blood sugar levels.

Diets That Help Reduce Belly Fat

A bowl of oatmeal would do wonders in replenishing your blood sugar levels while taking care of your sudden hunger pang. Rich in fiber, oatmeal can keep your tummy full for long periods, thereby preventing you from snacking in between meals. Stay away from the sugar coated varieties and opt for plain oatmeal insead.

Lean Meats/Poultry/Fish

Stay away from cured meats while opting for lean meats that contain high amounts of protein. Since protein would take a longer time to digest, your body would burn extra calories to digest these foods. This in turn can help reduce belly fat to a great extent.

Fish (especially salmon and tuna) would be considered as the best option to lose belly fat when compared to lean meats like turkey. They contain healthy amounts of Omega 3s which reduce the stress chemicals responsible for inducing fat deposition near the tummy.

Green Vegetables

Plenty of green vegetables like spinach, broccoli etc. contain high amounts of fiber and low amount of calories, which would help lose belly fat effectively. In addition to keeping you full for longer periods, a vegetable salad before every meal would help you cut down on the amount of food (and calories) you consume afterwards.

Iced Tea

A cup of green tea every day can do wonders to your body. Loaded with antioxidants, green tea can help boost body metabolism and help you lose up to 260 calories a day.

Diets That Help Reduce Belly Fat

Opt for tea bags over the bottled varieties though. Soak the tea bags in hot water and add some ice cubes afterwards to enjoy a refreshing concoction that would definitely help you get rid of that annoying tummy bulge.

Protein Powder

Loaded with potent amino acids that help to build body muscle while reducing fat, a cup of protein powder a day can just about help you get rid of that belly fat. You can opt to mix the powder with a fruit, yogurt or milk smoothie for added benefits (taste wise).