Diets to avoid

Diets to avoid

Diets to avoidIf you are trying to lose weight, then it is only natural to be attracted to all the diets promising miracles. However, beware of such diets because not only do they sometimes cause health problems, they also are ineffective in the long term.

Here are the top six of the miracle diets that you should avoid.

Atkin  Diet

This diet followed the theory that processed carbohydrates and insulin are the culprits. Therefore, it involves leaving out the carbohydrates and sugar and eating protein. While this one is quite simple to follow, eating huge amounts of saturated fats that are found in meat, the allowable protein, can put at a risk of heart disease.

It allows 1200-1800 calories per day, while eliminating a lot of whole grains, fruits, calcium and fiber. This low-carb diet is difficult to maintain for a long time.

The Blood Type Diet

The basis of this diet was that your food intake depends on your blood type. Therefore, the calorie intake varies. While everybody is allowed to have many fruits and veggies and lean protein, this theory is not scientifically supported or proven.

In addition to this, it will be difficult to stick to because it would be a task to prepare meals for different blood types within the same family.

Pritikin Diet

The base of this diet is limiting fat intake to 10-15% of total calories. Lean cuts of meat are encouraged. However, a diet so low in fat will cause overeating because it will not keep men satisfied for a longer time. Hence, it is difficult to keep to in the long term.

The Cabbage Soup Diet

This diet promises a loss of 20 pounds in a week. However, it involves having a cabbage, onions, peppers, tomatoes, celery and onion soup mix and one other food. In addition to this, this diet should only be for a week and not more. While it causes rapid weight loss, the weight loss is mainly water and hence, temporary.

The Grapefruit Diet

It involves eating a grapefruit with some protein, black coffee and salad. The grapefruit is supposed to work its magic. Only 800 calories per day are allowed. While you will get a lot of vitamin C and fiber, you are losing out on other nutrients.

The Caveman Diet

Here the modern processed foods are the culprits and hence, banned. Lean meat, fish, nuts, seeds, berries, fresh fruits and veggies are the good guys. While you do get more vitamins and nutrients, you are likely to fall victim to carbohydrate cravings and overeat. In addition to this, the theory is not scientifically proven.