4 Different Haircut Styles For Women


Who doesn’t want to be in line with the current fashion trends that rule our lives? While dresses and clothing, even accessories are more or less cost dependent there is still one thing that we can do for ourselves that adds that extra zing to our looks and consequently our personality. And that one thing is hairstyles.


You can do a zillion things with long hair, straighten them curl them, put them up in a bun, let them run free, plait them or sport a high pony but those of us out there who deal with short hair, could always do with a little help or rather a nudge in the right direction.

Top Haircut Styles For Women

For Straight Hair

The most popular hairstyle for people with straight hair is the one where the hair is narrower on the top and uneven layers are beautifully formed on the sides. The length of the jagged side hair can be adjusted according to the shape of the face but overall the hair- do is best suited for women with round faces.

Another modification of the same idea would be to keep the jagged sides a little longer with a perched length adjustment every now and then accompanied with long straight bangs that cover the side of your forehead. Best suited to frame a round face, the look works well for some who wish to grow out their hair eventually. Though both these cuts require maintenance and regular trimming, they are totally worth the efforts.

Straight Hair

For Curly Hair

Maintaining a uniform length and layers all through the back and the sides of the face works best for curly hair. The curls themselves give the extra sense of style and fun. Here, what is required is to maintain the layers and uniformity throughout the length and letting the curls do the talking. For those with stringent curls, it is important to balance out the body and the volume of the curls for the perfect look. And for those with thick curls, a hairstyle that sits perfectly above the jaw line can work wonders.

Curly Hair

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For Wavy Hair

For wavy hair, it is best to have soft waves along the sides and back. This creates a sense of volume and also gives the hair a slight bounce. The look is best suited for long faces.

A hairstyle that at the complete opposite of the spectrum would involve hair cropped in the back and sides with uneven layering at the top. This gives the hair a fabulous texture and is ideal for someone who is looking to have some fun.

Wavy Hair

The Trends

The pixie cut is common knowledge and it works best for those with wavy or straight hair but doesn’t for those with long or round faces. The bob cut has been around for long enough now. The only difference is that it cannot be too blunt anymore nor can it be too layered. It has to be edgy or with a fringe or a bang.

And lastly the spiky type! It’s not everyone’s cup of tea to manage them. You need the right style to get a spiky look pull it off. Having layers would suit this kind of hair.

bob cut