4 Different Hairstyles For Different Neck Lengths

Hairstyles For Different Neck Lengths

The right haircut and hairstyle depends a lot on the type and length of the neck we have. All haircuts are not meant for all types of neck lengths. A wrong haircut can damage the entire looks of a person. Hence, it is very important that we consider our neck length before experimenting with a haircut.

There are many types of haircuts, and each one of them has a different look and they are meant for people withdifferent neck lengths. If you want to get an idea about the right haircut for you, then you can go through this article.

Hairstyles For Long Neck

Long Layers

Layered haircuts are suitable for all kinds of facial features. People with long neck and scarce hair can go for this hairstyle, because long hairs hide the long neck and layers in the hair gives more bounce and volume to fine hair. Layered cut on long hair looks fabulous and makes the wearer look very gorgeous.

The layers of the hair also camouflage the long neck, thus, making it appear shorter. If you have square or oval or round shaped face, then you should start your layers from below the chin, and if you have heart shaped or triangular face, then you can start the layers from right below the ears.

Long Layers

Hime Cut

A hime cut is also a long haircut, which reaches below the shoulders. This haircut looks fabulous on straight hair, but it can also look good on curly and curvy hairs. In hime cut, the back portion of the hair reaches below the shoulder blades, some more part of the hair is cut up to the chin area and the remaining part of the hair on the front hairline is cut into straight fringes which fall on the forehead. This haircut is also very efficient for hiding long necks, and this unusual haircut makes the wearer look very girly and youthful.

Hime Cut

Average Necks

Shoulder Length Hair With Graduated Layers

Average neck size is the appropriate neck size and almost every kind of haircuts and hairstyles look good on persons with average neck length. Long, medium or short, every kind of haircut looks good with average neck length. But, if you want a specific solution, then you can cut your hairs up to the shoulders by layering them.

A layered hair cut is a very versatile haircut and it looks good on any types of faces. A medium length layered haircut accentuates the right size of the neck, and also gives a very smart and feminine look to the wearer.

Average Necks

Short Necks

Bob Haircut

A bob haircut is a very favorite haircut among women. Women with short neck size can wear this haircut without worrying about looking bad. This is because a bob haircut looks good on any types of faces. But, you should avoid a classic bob haircut if you have round face, because bob cut makes a round face appear rounder. In that case, you should rather go for an inverted bob haircut, which will make your round face appear oval.

Bob Hairstyle

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Shag Haircut

A shag haircut is a short haircut which is very much in fashion these days. In this hair cut, the hairs at the back are kept a little shorter than the hairs on the top of the head. The hairs are cut with a razor and the hairs at the crown area are kept a little messy.

Shag Haircut

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