4 Different Methods To Remove Armpit Hair

Armpit Hair

Armpit or underarm hair, starts appearing during the early years of puberty. Even though it is a natural process related to the sexual development of the constitution, it often acts a source of embarrassment for most young women. The coarseness, length and amount of hair in the armpit, differs across every individual and are considered as an unwanted growth in most cultural setups.

Armpit Hair

What are the Different Methods of Removing Armpit Hair?


Many women consider shaving as the quickest and most economical option for armpit hair removal. It is important to use a good quality razor with a cushioned frontage to avoid rashes and discomfort. Wash the area under the armpit and pat it dry. Apply a good shaving cream or a moisturizing conditioner before you start shaving.

Start shaving slowly in the direction opposite to the hair growth. After the process is over, wash off with water and dab it lightly with a soft towel before leaving it to dry. Shaving makes the skin under the armpit very sensitive and care should be taken to let the skin come back to its normal state before applying any beauty product.

However, the curvature of the armpit makes it difficult for the razor to give a smooth finish without cuts or nicks. The added disadvantage for women who have darker hair growth is the quick regrowth of hair, the dark patch that appears and the stubble that is left behind after a shaving session. The hard angles of the armpit are also difficult to reach by an epilator and this makes the personal grooming tool less useful for armpit hair removal.



Waxing helps in removing hair from the roots and does not leave a dark and shadowy appearance as in shaving. It also helps in the removal of embedded dead skin in the armpit and leaves the area soft and smooth. However, the hair in the underarms grows in different directions and this makes waxing a tricky option.

Even though many professional beauticians and experts help clients get rid of armpit hair through the application of wax, the process leaves behind an untidy armpit and small hair growth. It is a painful process and the sticky wax necessitates the requirement of a shower after the waxing process. So salon or home wax treatments, do not really give back enough value for money as far as armpit hair removal is concerned.


Using Hair Removal Creams

A good quality of hair removing cream is considered as the easiest and the best way of removing underarm hair by most women. The cream gets absorbed quickly and helps in the efficient removal of the hair growth in the region.

Creams have found to be highly effective in folded areas such as the armpit and are becoming increasingly popular among women of all ages, as they easily dissolve the hair follicles and help in their easy removal. The instructions written on the packs differ from one product to another and it is important that they are carefully understood and adhered to, for best results.

Hair Removal Creams

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Once you have rinsed the skin under the armpit do not use any cosmetic products such as a soap or deodorant until the hair removing process is fully over. Apply a generous quantity of the hair removal cream in the armpit and avoid rubbing it in. As you wait, the thick layer of the cream reaches and dissolves in the “tough to reach” places in the underarm region which may have hair growth.

Be sure to cover the entire area in the armpit that has any sign of hair growth for the best results. The waiting period is extremely crucial and it is important to give it enough time to avoid disappointment. If the hair growth happens to be very dense, you may have to go in for a repetition of the entire process.

Touch yourself under the armpit to find out whether the waiting period is over. If the hair removes easily then use the spatula provided in the pack to remove the excessive cream and the hair. A clean and dry flannel can be used to clean up the remaining cream and removed hair.

A gentle rinse and wash and a light pat with a soft towel will clean the skin under the armpit further and then it should be left to dry naturally. The hair removal process makes the area in the armpit very sensitive and it is important to avoid using any cosmetic product, soaps, detergents, deodorants or creams until the skin recovers completely. The usage of an appropriate cream that suits the skin type leaves the armpit fresh and stubble free and is a simple, easy and effective choice for many women around the world.

Laser Treatment

The latest in armpit hair removal techniques is the laser treatment for permanent hair removal of the unwanted hair growth. The cost of undergoing laser treatment can range between $40- $ 200 per session depending on the location and the reputation of the practitioner. Before you go in for the laser method, it is important to be aware of the following tips that go beyond the rates charged for the service.

Make sure that you are educated about the number of laser sittings that will be required for the complete removal of all the hair growth in your armpit. This total cost of the laser process is proportional to the total number of sessions and your skin type. It is also important to be aware of the equipment being used and the expertise of the practitioner providing the laser treatment. An under qualified practitioner or his/her inexperienced staff can be highly unsafe and you may get hurt in the process.

If you happen to fall in the hands of the wrong facility, you may end up spending a fortune for a temporary relief from hair growth in the armpit, so look around for testimonials and first hand recommendations before you invest in the laser treatment for armpit hair removal.

Laser Treatment