4 Different Styles Of Coiffures

Different Styles Of Coiffures

The word “coiffure” comes from the French word “coiffer” which means “hairstyle” in English. People have different types of hairs, and their different choices and personality lets them choose their own coiffure.

Mainly women choose different types of hairstyles to stylize their hair, and to achieve a different look, every time with a new coiffure. Right from the ancient times, women have experimented with different types of hair styles, ranging from the very short to the very long, there has been much experimentation with hair styles for different lengths and types of hairs.

Also, hair cuts are often selected according to face shape. And as we evolved, our hair styles evolved with us. So, here’s a list of some of the classic types of hair styles, which have always made the ladies look very stylish and glamorous.

Bob Cut

A bob cut is a short hairstyle, usually up to the jaw line. At the back it remains short, but at the front, there can be extended fringes or bangs, which remain beside the ears. A bob hair cut has been an old one, but it still remains one of the most stylish, elegant and a favourite among women.

Bob haircutscomplement any face cutting. A bob hair cut looks awesome on a lady of any age. Right from teenage, a bob hair cut looks most attractive on beautiful and elegant old ladies. It enhances their looks, and makes their saggy skin disappear.

Bob Hairstyle

Layered Cut

Layered hair cut looks best on long hairs. It looks best on any face cutting, and any texture of hair. If the hair is thin, then a layered cut adds volume to the hair, and if the hair is naturally plumped up, then it should also be the best style to compliment the hair.

In a layer cut, the layers are so finely trimmed, that the ending of one and starting of another layer should not be visible. If its not so, then make sure, that the hair stylist is not doing his/her job properly. There are many kinds of layered haircuts, and some of them may be graduated layer, short crop and short and wispy layer.

Layered Cut

Shag Cut

Shag is also similar to a layered hair cut, but it can be worn with any length of hair. Ranging from short to long, it can look awesome and very stylish on about anybody. This is a funky hair style, which gives bounce and volume to the hair. In this hair cut, the hair is made into very short layers.

The layers are cut evenly and remain shortest at the top, and longest at the bottom. In a short style of shag hair cut, the hair remains at the shoulder length, and the fringes or layers are cut so short at the bottom, that they extend outwards from the neck. At the crown the hair remains at its fullest volume, hence it looks very good on round face.

Shag cut

Pixie Cut

Pixie cut or boy cut is a very short hair cut. This style has also been a favourite among women for centuries .This hair cut remains up to the mid length of nape, with a shortly trimmed front side. Pixie hair cut does not have many variations, and normally looks good on round, oval, and square shaped faces. But you should have the right personality to carry it off.

Pixie Cut