Different Styles Of Dinner Jackets

dinner jacket styles

dinner jacket stylesA dinner jacket is also referred to as a tuxedo or a dinner suit. It is a semi-formal suit and is usually made in black/white and is worn with a black tie/bow, a formal shirt, shoes and other accessories.

It is a classic wear for a formal dinner, for a cruise or as an evening ware. Elegant, sophisticated and classic, dinner jackets are an essential part of any man’s wardrobe. A good fitted and tailored dinner jacket can adorn any man’s appearance. But the right fit, style and color matter as they can make or break a perfect formal look.

A dinner jacket come in different styles such as single breasted, double breasted and one, two and three button jackets. They are usually made in black and white and different fabrics are used as per seasons. Different body shapes require different styles of dinner jackets.

Identifying Your Body Type

There are five basic male body types or body shapes such as athletic and tall, husky and tall, tall and thin, husky and short and thin and short. Before you choose a dinner jacket that suit you the most it is important to understand your basic shape.

Tall Men With Different Body Frames

Tall men with a muscular body type can carry basically any style of dinner jackets but a double breasted dinner jacket will work wonders in showcasing a V-shaped figure and highlight the tapering waist. You can even go in for a three button single-breasted dinner jacket. For men who are tall and have a fuller body a two or even one button dinner jacket will be a best option.

Choose a jacket that has button at the tummy level as it will give a tapering effect thinning down your tummy. A double breasted with single or double button dinner jacket will best suit men who have a tall and thin body frame and will make your shoulders look wider. Such men can easily carry almost every style of dinner jackets.

Short Men With Different Body Frames

Large men with shorter height should always try and opt for a single breasted and single button dinner jacket with vertical lapels. This style will give width to your shoulders.

The waist will definitely look smaller without really taking away the length of the legs making you look taller.  Short men with a thin body type should prefer a single breasted style of dinner jackets. You can always go in for a three button jacket or the more classic one and two button dinner jackets.

Color And Accessories

Traditionally dinner jackets were made in black and as different styles evolved, white became one of the favorites. White dinner jackets are usually worn during warmer weather. Apart for being chic, elegant and modern they are a style statement to many. Men with dark and dusky completion look extremely flattering in a white dinner jacket.

Men with a fairer or pale completion should try and stay away. White dinner jacket being a favorite among today’s men the classic black dinner jacket still rules. Accessories too are very important in completing the look. Men with a large and heavy body structure should opt for a waistcoat and can even make a style statement by using colored waistcoats.  Pair your dinner jacket with bow ties and cummerbunds that are color-coordinated for a stylized look. Although black remains a classic of all times.