Different Styles Of Eye Make Up

Different Styles Of Eye Make Up

Different Styles Of Eye Make Up Do you know what part I love to put make up on? The eyes! When you think of it you will realize that when it comes to eye make-up, you have loads of options – eye shadow, eye mousse, mascara, eye brow pencil, eye liner, kohl, eye shimmer and that too in an infinite number of shades.

I often experiment and mix and match eye products to get a new look everyday and that’s when I became interested to find out about some eye makeup styles. Well practically speaking, eye make-up falls under 2 categories- casual/everyday wear or special event wear.

Styles of Eye Make Up

Natural Day Wear

A natural day wear look never goes out of style and it’s really easy to accomplish. A natural look is perfect when you’re going out to the cafe with friends, shopping or even when you’re out for a stroll in the park. The secret is to keep it minimal. Choose any eye shadow, preferably in neutral colors. Do not go in for blazing blacks, purples etc.

Choose something on the sides of bronze or peach. Cover your entire eye lid with the eye shadow. If you want more density, use a brush and coat the eye creases too. There’s nothing more you need to add, to make the look perfect. However, if you have small eyes, you may use mascara to open up the eyes a bit.

Dramatic Eye Makeup

A dramatic eye makeup adds a special touch to your get up. When teamed up with neutral, glossy lips its sure to win you a lot of attention. Dramatic look is perfect for an evening out and goes well with feminine dresses especially gowns.

To create a dramatic style you need to use the layering technique, such that one color reflects the other creating a dramatic illusion. Use colors like gold and steel to add a sudden pop of colors. Line the lower lids with a dark eye liner and use a volumizing mascara to enhance the look.

Smokey Eyes

Mesmerizing and enticing is what defines a smoke eye style. Smokey eyes are just perfect for a night out. You need to use darker shades of color to create the smokey effect. Use a relatively lighter base color on the lids. Use a bold color of your choice (purple, devil green etc) and cover the entire lid using an angled brush.

Different Styles Of Eye Make Up

Blend the sides in with the brush. Use the same bold shade along the lower lash line. Use the darkest shade to outline the eyes and blend it in to give a softer look. Apply a nice coat of mascara and curl the lashes.

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The 9-5 Look

A 9 to 5 look is the office look and suits a formal meeting too. It makes you look smart, defines your self confidence without compromising on your feminine side. Define the eyebrows with a pencil.

Use a long lasting pearly finish eye shadow to cover your eye-lids. Use a small brush to apply the eye-shadow. Do not go too over the top with the color. Use a mascara to just lift up the lashes so that, you look all ready to face the day.

Dash of Colors

If you want a fun and colorful look, this style is for you! Choose a colorful metallic shade and use your finger tips to apply to on the lids. Use a softer color for the eye corners. Blend both the colors outwards towards the eye bone till they diminish. Use a highlighter to highlight your eyes. Curl the lashes and you’re all ready for a frolicking time!