5 Different Tips For Dieting, But Not Losing Weight

5 Different Tips For Dieting, But Not Losing Weight

Most people think losing weight is all about dieting, but in real that is far from reality.People need to get their facts right most of the times before jumping on to diet plans and regimes.

There is always a correct way to do so and nothing comes easy.One needs to consider and take care of other aspects as well before thinking of losing weight.

Tips For Dieting Without Losing Weight

Eating the Right Amount

Completely starving yourself and calling it dieting is no solution to anything but so isn’t overeating.What’s so important here is that you need the right portions that are required for your body (everybody’s body is different and requires different amount of nutrition).

food to eat

Skipping one meal and over-eating the next will only increase the fat storage in your body. The best is to eat many small portions and it does work (personal experience), setting the right limit is required.

Eating At The Right Times 

Also having your meals at the right times all three times is very important.It is necessary that for the right functioning and digestion process of body having meals at the right time is important.Not just the three main meals, but also 2 small ones in between the main ones. Avoiding at night can be very effective as well.

eat time

Avoid Unhealthy Food

After portions and right timing, the other important thing you need to keep in check is what you are eating. You cannot be eating junk, unhealthy and greasy food all the time and complain about your weight.

junk food

Please respect your body, once in a while we all like to eat freak out and eat junk and that’s completely alright, just ensure to not make it a habit.Eat more healthy food with lots of vegetables and fruits and see the difference you feel yourself.

Getting The Right Exercise

Dieting is not the only thing that is needed to lose weight, along with your diet it is also important that your body gets its share of exercise, to clean out the toxins and keep the cells well blood circulated.

exercise regular

There are many simple ways and nobody is asking you to go for rigorous training. Simple jogging, cycling and swimming can be most effective.Balance out the dieting and exercise for most optimum results.

Increase Water Intake 

You might be eating right at the right time and right kind of food, along with exercise, but there is something important that the body requires which is water.

water 2

We need to keep drinking as much water as possible so that our body cells can breathe and function well and it does help in weight loss and has been proven many times.


One needs to balance out their calories in the right effective manner for your body to lose weight accurately and in correct proportions.

We all know, everybody’s body is different and it is important that you take advice from a dietitian or know your body well enough to know what works for you. Give your body the correct diet it requires and get the body you always wanted.