5 Different Types Of Hair Buns

Different Types Of Hair Buns

A hair bun is a traditional style of hair up do, in which the entire or some parts of the hair is pulled back and secured into a coiled or folded style. The hair buns are usually made secure with either hair nets, pins, or sometimes even with scrunchies and chop sticks.

These hairstyles are normally worn by women, but sometimes men also make hair buns, but that is dependent on the situation. For example sumo wrestlers tie their hair in a bun, to prevent the hair falling on the face while wrestling. Buns are perfect hairstyles for any formal and informal occasion, and can be made into various types and styles, according to the desire of the bun wearer. So, here are some types of hair buns for you to check out.

1. Chignon Hair Bun

A chignon hair bun is the simplest form of hair bun. This is generally made to escape from excess heat and to prevent the hair from falling on the face while working. This bun has more functional uses than fashion based uses.

To make a hair bun, first comb the hair thoroughly to remove any tangle. Then hold the entire hair, and start rolling it right from the roots to the end. After you have completed rolling the entire hair, coil it to make a ball of hair. And then secure the bun with a clutcher or pins, or a simple rubber band.

Chignon Hair Bun

2. Ballerina Hair Bun

This is a more developed form of a basic bun. In this the hair is tightly held to make a neat bun. The design of this bun is also better as compared to a basic bun. Instead of tying it at the back of the head, ballerina buns are tied at the crown. Ballerina buns are normally tied by ballet dancers while dancing to hold the hair tightly in place.

Ballerina Hair Bun


3. Floral Hair Bun

This bun is normally made for brides in their weddings. Floral buns are slightly different from the normal buns. To make this bun, first a little bit if the hair is coiled to make a normal bun, and then some separate strands of hairs are twisted and attached over the normal bun, to give a floral appearance. Attaching a flower above the bun enhances the look.

Floral Hair Bun


4. Braided Hair Buns

A braided hair bun is also similar to a chignon, but the only difference is the use of braided hair, instead of loosecoiled hair. If you want to make a braided hair bun, then first make a simple braid with the entire hair.

Secure this braid with a transparent rubber band, and then start coiling the braid to form a ball like thing. Then secure this bun with bobby pins, but never use a rubber band to secure the braided bun, as that will squeeze the bun and destroy its looks. This completes the braided bun.

Braided Hair Buns

5. Tendril Hair Bun

This bun is a classy and elegant bun. A tendril bun is perfect for short and layered hair. To make this, first hold the hair loosely and tie it into a bun. Then secure the bun with bobby pins to prevent it from opening up. Then take the rest of the hair, which are short and cannot be tied into a bun and properly comb them. Then apply hair gel or spray onto these short hairs and then twist them to give a tendril like appearance. This hairdo looks really unique and very romantic.

Tendril Hair Bun