Different Types Of Home Pregnancy Tests

pregnant womenGrowing your family by giving birth to a baby boy or girl can be quite exciting. You may have tried to get pregnant for the past few months and currently, have detected certain symptoms of early pregnancy. Now, you may want to know whether you are really pregnant or not.

Visiting your gynecologist is obviously a good option. But, if you want to know about your pregnancy within the privacy of your home first, opting for home pregnancy tests would be a good idea. In this article, we will discuss about different types of home pregnancy tests. Each of these tests has its own advantages and disadvantages. Depending on your own preferences, you can choose any of these tests.

Pregnancy Tests At Home

First Response

First Response is one of the most popular home pregnancy tests worldwide. If you are suspecting that you are pregnant, opting for First Response is a great idea.

first response

This is because this pregnancy test brand gives 99% correct result, as long as you have normal hormonal levels in your body. Another great thing about First Response is that it can identify whether you are pregnant or not even 5 days prior to the date you have missed your period.


Clearblue is another popular brand that many women use after discovering certain signs of pregnancy. The best thing about Clearblue is that when used correctly, tip of the stick assumes a pinkish color.


This is especially beneficial for women who may feel confused whether they have urinated for sufficient time on the stick. Like First Response, Clearblue has 99% accuracy rate.


Equate is one of the most popular Walmart brands. If you think that you are pregnant, you can take this test on the first day you have missed your period. It is a standard test that usually gives accurate results.


For checking whether you are pregnant or not with the help of this pregnancy test, you have to urinate for 5 seconds approximately. If you are pregnant, you would notice a plus sign in the oval screen. Otherwise, there will be a minus sign.

Clear Choice

Clear choice home pregnancy test kit includes a liquid dropper, cup and a test stick. You have to urinate inside the cup and use the dropper for pouring it on the test stick.

clear choice

You will get your results within approximately 3 minutes. If you are pregnant, there will be two pink lines. In case you are not pregnant, you would notice only one line.

Walgreen’s Midstream at Home Pregnancy Test

This is another popular home pregnancy test that you can consider. This test requires you to urinate on the felt end for approximately 10 seconds. If you notice a pink line after 1 or 2 minutes post urination, it means that you are not pregnant. In case there are two lines, you are pregnant.

If you are trying to get pregnant but found the results negative, don’t feel disheartened. Remember that occasionally home pregnancy tests can give inaccurate results. So, if you have the gut feeling that you are pregnant, visiting a gynecologist would be a good idea.