Different Types Of Medical Pedicure

Steps To Do A Pedicure At Home

pedicurePedicure is a treatment or a procedure to keep your toes, nails and the feet healthy, smooth and fresh. All over the world, women resort to pedicures to keep their feet healthy. Very commonly, pedicures involve rubbing off the dead skin cells from the bottom of the feet using a pumice stone which is coarse but not rough on the skin.

Traditionally, pedicures refer to the cosmetic treatment of the feet but these days, medical pedicures are becoming popular day by day. Medical pedicures are not just washing your feet and colouring your toenails. Medical pedicures treat your feet, nail quality, skin keeping your feet healthy. The different kinds of medical pedicures are discussed here:

Various Medical Pedicures

Aesthetic Pedicure

This medical pedicure does everything necessary to cure all your feet problems. This pedicure starts by washing your feet with warm towels using anti-bacterial and anti-fungal cleanser that removes the infections from your foot skin and leaves your foot fresh.

This pedicure will also treat other problems like corn, growing toenails and cracked heals. Finally your toenails will be cut and shaped and you can choose a polish of your liking. With this medical pedicure, you not leave the clinic with healthy feet but also with pretty feet!

Cracked Heels Pedicure

This medical pedicure particularly aims at solving you cracked heels problem. Cracked heels not only make your heels look unclean and unimpressive but it also causes pain and discomfort in your heels.

cracked heels

This medical pedicure takes about fifteen minutes to get rid of the cracked skin from your heels. Cracked heel is usually caused by dry skin and the medical pedicure uses sterile instruments to get rid of the dry skin. It also prescribes proper footwear and foot cream for daily use.

Fungal Infection Pedicure

This medical pedicure focuses on removing fungal infection from you feet, leaving them clean, healthy and fresh. This pedicure takes about thirty to forty minutes to get rid of the fungal infection. Fungal infection is caused by a fungus that appears on both toenails and fingernails.

fungal infection

When it comes to toenails, they become brittle, yellow and flaky and sometimes give out a bad odour. Medical pedicures can cure the fungal infection in your toenails by soaking and rinsing them in an antiseptic solution followed by applying medicated nail softener to clean the tough impurities. This is followed by cutting the infected nails and applying anti-fungal nail cream. You can get this pedicure done by a podiatrist.

Pregnant Feet Pedicure

If you are suffering from the discomfort of swollen feet, you should go for a medical pedicure that particularly aims at giving you relief from swollen feet or in medical terminology, pregnant feet.

Pregnant Feet Pedicure

The pregnant feet medical pedicure treats your feet by starting with an exfoliating foot scrub followed by compress with cold wet towels. This is followed by the removal of damaged nails, buff and callus and finally it gives you maximum comfort with a gentle foot massage which gives you a relief from the swollen feet.

Nail Correction Pedicure

Designed specifically for your toenails, this medical pedicure will treat your toenails with utmost attention. If you are suffering from any kind of toenail problem, this pedicure is ideal. Nail correction pedicure uses a unique ultra-violet gel in your toenails that is particularly manufactured to treat damaged, misshaped and missing toenails. Regardless of the condition of your toenails and its severity, this pedicure will give you beautiful feet by making your toes and toenails looking the prettiest.