Different Types Of Natural Moisturizers

Different Types Of Natural Moisturizers For a soft skin, you must use a moisturizer. A moisturizer increases the amount of water in the skin by using oils and humectants. Use a moisturizer after washing the skin. Commercial moisturizers may have side effects like allergic reaction, skin irritation, itching, burning and other side effects.

Commercial moisturizers contain artificial color and harsh preservatives. This can be harmful for the skin. Therefore, use a natural moisturizer made with homemade ingredients and recipes.

Types of Natural Moisturizers

Coconut Oil

Use coconut oil as a moisturizer. It is suitable for all types of skin. Coconut oil reduces wrinkles. It helps in the treatment of many skin diseases like psoriasis and eczema.

Olive Oil

Olive oil is a good moisturizer. Apply it to the skin directly.

Beeswax And Cocoa Butter Moisturizer

Melt two tablespoons grated beeswax in a little water on low heat. Add half cup of cocoa butter. Add a little sesame oil, coconut oil and olive oil. Remove from heat and put in a glass jar. Let it cool.

Honey And Lemon Moisturizer

Different Types Of Natural Moisturizers

Take little honey and lemon. Add some yogurt. Mix to this one egg white. Mix well and apply to the face. Keep for fifteen minutes. Rinse with slightly warm water.

Almond And Lemon Juice Moisturizer

Mix almond powder, milk powder, almond oil, and glycerin and lemon juice. Mix well. Use this natural moisturizer once in seven days.

Oil And Beeswax Moisturizer

Mix coconut oil, olive oil, almond oil and beeswax. Melt this mixture and use it as a moisturizer.

Fruit Moisturizer

Apply fresh fruits paste to the face for ten minutes. Wash off.

Beeswax And Essential Oil Moisturizer

Melt two tablespoon grated beeswax and one fourth cup water over low heat. Blend in a blender on low speed. Stop the blender and mix half-cup almond oil, one fourth cup rose water, five drops galbanum and rose essential oil. Run the blender again. Cool the mixture. Put in a glass jar. Apply this moisturizer sparingly. You can store the lotion for three to five months.

Avocado And Honey Moisturizer

Mix avocado and honey and blend. This is a natural face mask, which moisturizes the skin. Avocado contains many nutrients like lectin, vitamins and Omega-3 fats.

Different Types Of Natural Moisturizers

It heals the dry skin. It helps in curing psoriasis and eczema. On the other hand, honey contains humectants, vitamins and sugar.

Mayonnaise Moisturizer

Mayonnaise is a natural moisturizer. It contains oil, which help in moisturizing. It also contains vinegar, which helps in exfoliation and removing dead cells. Rub the mayonnaise on the face and keep for ten to fifteen minutes. Wash off.

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Moisturizers With Rich Oils

For dry skin, use moisturizers containing rich oils like sesame oil. If you have dry skin, clean the skin with a cleanser. Apply olive oil. Another natural moisturizer for dry skin is the Vitamin E oil.

Olive Oil And Lemon Moisturizer

Different Types Of Natural Moisturizers

Make natural moisturizer for dry skin by mixing olive oil with lemon and eggs. Apply this mixture for fifteen minutes. Rinse with slightly warm water.

Apple And Honey Moisturizer

For oily skin, grate one apple. Add five tablespoons honey. Apply to the skin for ten minutes. Wash with cold water.

Lime And Orange Zest Moisturizer

Take little lime juice. Mix grated orange zest to it. Add a little olive oil and honey. Mix well. This is a great moisturizer for people who have combination skin.

Plum And Almond Oil Moisturizer

Boil plums. Mash its inside portion. Mix this paste with one tablespoon almond oil. Use it as a face pack. This moisturizing face pack is suitable for acne prone skin.