Different Types Of Stylish Women Heels

Different Types Of Stylish Women Heels

Different Types Of Stylish Women Heels Admit it or not, but it is hard for any fashionista to resist the heel obsession phase. After all, every girl has her own moment of guilty pleasure when it comes to wearing these fashionable heels. No matter how much discomfort heels provide, a true fashionista like you and me always prioritizes the style quotient over the enduring pain.

Right? Heels are kind of fun; they have the ability to enhance one’s style and fashion meter exponentially without too much effort. Not only are they the short girls’ best friends, but they also are the true enhancer of a plain boring personality. For instance, if you don’t have a nice pair of dress to wear for a night out, just wear the best one you have, and accessorize it with a nice stiletto heel or wedges. And voila, you are all set to sizzle the night!

From pulling off the entire silhouette all together to transforming the whole look to the hilt, heels can seamlessly do it all. Heels induce a sense of femininity and wearing them fill you with sheer confidence. Nevertheless many ladies who wear heels know nothing about heels.

In fact, figuring out the difference between platform and wedges is almost a conundrum for them. Like many fashion lovers, I also believed that there isn’t an array of heel styles out there.  But, when I was introduced to the reality, it was so fascinating to discover that there are almost gazillions of types of heels to flaunt. If you also know little to nothing about heels, read out this article to know more about the various types of heel shoes.

Types of Women Heel Shoes

Kitten Heels

Perfect for both tall and short women, kitten heels offer the hint of glamor of those long heel sandals. They feature an approximate height bracket of 1.5 inches to around 2.5 inches. Since they sport small heels and give a little height, they are usually preferred by tall ladies.

Stiletto heels

Who has really escaped the lure of stilettos? When it comes to making the ladies look more glamorous, toned, taller and well sculpted, no shoe does it better than stilettos. These sandals feature long, canned and thin heels, with a height range of 2 inches to 10 inches.

Cone heels

As the name suggests, cone heels are round shaped heels that are slightly broader when close to the sole of the sandals. But, as they go down, the heels tend to get narrower, giving it a structure of the cone.

Different Types Of Stylish Women Heels

There is no specific height bracket of the cone, and can vary with the brand and design.

Prism heels

The trend of the prism heels is gaining a huge popularity among young fashionistas, courtesy  the tinsel town. Prism heels are designed in a triangular structure and have three sides. Prism heels are usually featured in boots and leather shoes.

Spool heels

Spool heels share a similar design pattern like cone heels. In spool heels, however, the heels are broader around the soles, they get slightly narrowed down in between, and then they again thicken or broaden as the heels go down. Spool heels are very common these days, and are usually featured in the shoes that are meant for formal purposes.

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Wedge heels

Wedge heels run from the back of the shoe to the front i.e. the toes, and the heels get broader at the back and narrower at the front. They are also available in the half detached pattern with partial separation at the opening.

Different Types Of Stylish Women Heels

Along with classic wedge heels,  wedge also come with a distinctive contemporary twist that enhance the look of the wearer in no time.  While wedges give the comfort of flats, they also offer the glamor quotient of high heels, which make them truly desirable and fashionable.


Touted as the dress shoes, pumps are the shoes that sport a low cut front. The arch or the toe portion of the pump could be either pointed or rounded, while the minimum length of heels is around 2 inches.

Sling backs

Just like wedges and platforms, ladies often get confused between pumps and sling backs. Even though both share some features like their heels are  around 2 inches or have pointed or rounded toes, the slingback shoes also feature a strap that allows the rest of the heels to remain uncovered. Sling backs can be considered one of the most sought after heels among young and college going girls.


Different Types Of Stylish Women Heels

When talking about heels, they can be grouped into two categories: high heels and low heels. Mules are the close toed shoes, and are not covered from behind. They can either come in low or high heels.  Mules don’t torture your feet, and they can be, without doubt, worn for long hours.

Platform shoes

The history of platform shoes goes back to the ancient times. However, it wasn’t until 1990s when platform shoes received its due credit. Worn by both men and women, platform shoes boast thick soles. The heels are not bigger than 2 to 3 inches, and they usually have a criss cross strap around the arch portion.


Boots come in two different styles, depending upon the needs and the demographic conditions. Fashionable and trendy boots usually have stiletto heels; however, some boots that are designed for protection against mud, water or snow  feature low heels. They reach past the thighs and extend to the ankles.

Heels are all rage, and are shining high on the fashion boulevard, despite having a long crowd who favors flats over heels.  Therefore, don’t go buy the old fashion rule book that says it’s not good to wear heels. Of course, wearing heels for long hours could bestow you with undeniable agony, but there is no harm in wearing it for a short occasion. From platform to wedges and from kitten heels to  sling backs, there is a whole rainbow of heels for you to flaunt and flash, as mentioned above. So, make sure to stack at least one or four in your closet to look fiercely feminine everytime you step out.