Different Types Of Textures Of Natural Hair

Hair is a very unique thing created by god. Hair can change the entire looks of a person. A person would look completely different with and without hair. And god has also made various types of hair textures for man. Only a single person can get 2-3 different types of hair textures at the same time.

You cannot describe hair textures by defining only one or two types of hair textures. And hair texture depends a lot on the geographical region of a person, for example African people always have a definite type of curly hair, called kinky hair. And apart from this, there are various other types of hair textures.

And after reading this article, you will be able to identify the texture or textures of your hair. And identifying the hair texture will allow you to choose the right hair care product for your hair and you will also be able to take care of it properly.

Curly Hair Texture

Curly hair is a type of hair texture, in which the entire hair remains coiled, but it is not so tightly coiled as the African hair texture, but it is more coiled than wavy hairs. Curly hair is like spring, if you pull it straight it will jump back and it will again become coiled. The locks of curly hair can be of many types, for example, the curls can be slightly coiled, or they may even be extremely coiled. In that case, the hairs often resemble a powder puff and the hairs always look very voluminous.

If you pull the locks of curly hair, you will notice the locks are S-shaped. There are various advantages and disadvantages of curly hair. One advantage is that it always looks very much swelled up, and one disadvantage is that, if the locks become dry, they tangle very easily.

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Straight Hair

Straight hair is completely strait from the roots to the tips. Normally straight hairs are very fine, but sometimes they can be thick as well. Straight hair is great for experimenting with any kinds of hair styles. People with curly or wavy hairs, often go to hair stylists to make their hair straight, because straight and silky hair looks very gorgeous.

Hair styles like layers, bangs, v-cut etc, look great on straight hairs. Straight and silky hair is very less prone to tangling and they are also very easy to maintain but, one of the main disadvantages of straight hair is, if the hair style is not right it can look very boring.

Wavy Hair

Wavy hair is the combination of curly and straight hair. Wavy hairs are not as coiled as curly hairs, and they are also not so straight like straight hair. Wavy hair is a naturally beautiful hair. It is full of volume, and compliments any kind of face cutting. Wavy hairs are usually thick and you don’t have to apply any styling products to keep the hair manageable. Wavy hair becomes completely straight, when the hair is wet, and it becomes wavy as soon as the hair becomes dry.

Kinky Hair

Kinky hair is the hair texture of African people. The hairs are very tightly coiled, and they are very coarse to touch. Kinky hair is very coarse and if proper condition is not done, the hairs break off easily and that is why the hair takes a lot of time to grow and mostly remain short.

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