Do Away With That Fat Chin

Do you dislike the extra fat on the chin and want it to go away quickly? Here are some tips to get rid of double chin:

The first and the simplest way to lose the extra fat on the chin is by exercising. There are facial exercises that if followed on a regular basis will help reduce and eventually eliminate that double chin or anything lesser than that but hides the jaw line.

One exercise is to tilt your head backwards slightly and push the bottom of the lip as far out as possible. Push it up and outwards till the upper lip is covered completely. Hold for 5 seconds. Repeat till you are comfortable doing a set of 10 repetitions.

Another exercise is to place hand over the forehead and press the head against the hand with the force of the push coming from the neck. Press the head hard enough to feel the force on your chin. Start with five sets. Go up to 10 sets. By the time you get to 10 sets, having done this exercise on a regular basis and not over eaten you will have noticed the change.

Include cardio vascular fitness program in your exercise schedule. It helps you build lean muscle overall which in turn increases the ability of the body to burn more fat.

The second important thing is the diet which should include all low calorie foods. Ensure that the food stuff includes at least two green vegetables so that the body acquires all the nutrients and there is no dearth of fiber as well. With controlled diet and exercises, not only will you see a difference in your chin but also the whole body.

Thirdly and certainly in no way less important is the fact that drinking large amounts of water helps in not only eliminating the toxins from the body but also helps the body in shedding the excess fluids and wastes after the blood purification process when it passes through the kidneys.

If you drink lots of water every day, then it will help in the skin becoming tighter. If the skin has to become tighter, it will have to expel the fat out.

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