Does my ex still love me

ex-still-love-meMan needs the company of other fellow human beings to survive. Besides the three basic things like air, water and clothing, which man requires, relationship is one more thing that can be added to the list. Some people would disagree with this. However, most of you would agree that relationships put an extra flavour in our lives and we are grateful to be in a relationship.

A love relationship between two people is the most wonderful and yet the most complex of all relationships. Several people spend their entire lives in search of someone who they can love and who will love them back. There are people who are lucky enough to find such a person in their lives. However, life is not perfect. Even after meeting and spending some great time together and sharing a wonderful relationship together, they sometimes part ways.

When this happens, it is very devastating. In addition, if this happens as an act of impulse or in the moment, then it becomes even more painful for both the parties involved. If this is the case with you then you should see if your ex is also feeling the same for you.

There are some ways in which you can know if you ex is still in love with you.


If your ex still likes to talk to you over the phone and still keeps mailing you then you should expect him/her to be in love with you. You want to be with the person you love. If the decision of the breakup was an impulsive one then your ex would be missing you, now that all the conflicts had rested. He/she might make phone calls to you or he/she may try to communicate with you in some other ways like emails, text messages or through your friends and family.

This shows that your ex is still interested in keeping your relationship alive. So if you are also just as interested then go ahead and make it work.

He/she might even be making plans for both of you meet again and discuss things over. This surely is a sign.

Apologetic behaviour

If your ex is apologising for his/her behaviour then she/he might want to get back with you. It is possible that the person will not apologise verbally but through actions and behaviour. He/she may send you sorry notes, letters, or emails apologising for their behaviour.

Moreover, they might even talk to you about how sorry they are or how they are ready to adjust and how both of you used to enjoy so much together. All these are signs that he/she is still in love with you.

These two are sure signs that your ex is still all fallen for you only. However, it is also possible that your ex is sensitive, wants you to cope up with a broken relationship, and so is trying to help you through hard times. So be careful to read between lines because this can cause more pain.