2 Top Tips For Dos and Don’ts When Blow Drying Hair

If you feel like you have a bad hair day and want immediate hair management, the best method is to have your hair blow dried.

Blow Drying Hair

To avoid chemicals as well as their negative effects on the hair, this process is recommended by beauticians and other hair experts. What is the best way to do this? What are the do’s and don’ts?

Some Steps Are Enumerated Below.

For curly hair, wash hair and dry a little. Use thermal protector on the hair and apply especially at the tips of the hair. Use straightening balm to massage the hair evenly. If you don’t like to straighten hair, let it remain curly by blow drying at low speed and using diffuser at the same time. While still damp, blow dry to achieve maximum effect.If you have straight hair, wash and dry with towel. To the hair ends, apply products that can protect your hair from heat. Massage the balm for straightening hair evenly on your scalp. Try combing your hair with fingers and when in place, use dryer that is set at low speed. Separate the upper and lower sections of your hair with the use of a clip.

dry with towel

Set loose the lower section and brush gently with a round brush, and as you blow dry the hair, stretch and extend your hair to straighten it. It is recommended that you start with the lower section before going to the top to ensure that the lower section dries first. Also work from the back to the front.

Always point the dryer’s nozzle downwards to make sure that frizzes do not develop. Tame your fly away hair by using anti frizz cream or pomade. Stretch your hair with a comb. Maintain tension and make sure to apply heat and ensure uniform drying of the hair.In the event that two crowns exist, divide equally and dry the opposite side, balancing the application on the second side. Always follow blow drying schedule step by step so that there is no redundancy in the drying process. For finishing touches, use paddle brush to achieve smooth and shiny hair.

smooth and shiny hair