Dressing for the Apple Body Type

People with apple body type generally get confused while they are out on shopping. Sometimes it is color problem and some times it is about fitting.

Because of a wider top, you must choose tunic style tops when it comes to choosing tee shirts for yourself.

Because of the fact they they are bottom- flared, they comfortable hide the fatty top side. You can try out lower neck style in them and team it up with flashy neck piece to look glamorous. Wear tees below the waist length so as to avoid highlighting your top.

As for choosing trousers, it is not a big problem as the people with apple shaped body have normal bottom. Try to avoid too skinny jeans though as it would draw attention towards waist. Balancing the upper body and lower body is essential so keep this is mind while choosing trousers.

However, one thing that definitely would suit you is pedal pushers. Make sure its legs are wide so as to get chic look. You can also choose to wear miniskirts. Choose high waist line and team it up with tunic style top.

Choosing good foot wear is essential to have a good personality. Sometimes even if you have right make up, right clothes and right attitude, wrong footwear can ruin the way you look.

For evening, try out stiletto heeled foot wear with delicate straps in it. if you do not feel comfortable in such a heel type then try wedges as they are high on fashion. For more style and glamour, you can wear waist coats of long length with sleeveless tee shirt. This helps to hide the belly fat. Wear long boots with it to look fashionable.

You must dress up focusing over the best asset of yours and hiding the worst one. This requires a good imagination and intelligence. Choose dark colors for your tops as they make you look slim and go for light shades in denims, cotton pants, etc. you can carry fancy scarves and nice bracelets to look good. So these were the fashion tips for apple body type.