Dry Skin Therapy

oilyskincareskinWith everything going on in our lives today, we really feel like we are being pulled in about twenty different directions and by the end of the day we are so tired, we forget to do the basics to care for our own bodies.

People tend to overlook basic care items and do not treat their bodies as well as they should. They can get away with this for so long before it becomes really obvious by looking at a person’s face.

Dry skin happens easily, through a combination of factors, mostly environmental, like sun exposure and pollution. Anyone looking for a good lotion moisturizer to treat and prevent dry skin should be aware of a few really great ingredients.

Jojoba oil is an oil that is extracted from the Jojoba plant, and it is very similar to the oil our bodies naturally produce to moisturize our skin. This oil works well to treat skin not only for dryness, but for itchiness and scaliness as well.

Jojoba oil is all natural and has been applied to skin as a healing solution for hundreds of years. This oil contains the powerful antioxidant vitamin E, which protects the skin from skin damaging free radicals acquired through sun exposure. Jojoba oil works as a seal on the skin to keep in moisture.

Phytessence Wakame comes to us from Japan and is derived from seaweed full of natural skin care benefits. Nutrients in Phytessence Wakame, potassium, iron, sodium and calcium, help in collagen and elastin development as well as skin hydration. Also, Phytessence Wakame supports hyaluronic acid development, which also helps in moisturizing skin.

Another great moisturizer that really helps dry skin is avocado oil. Avocado oil is also helpful in treating psoriasis and eczema and repairs skin damage as well as softens skin.

Certain synthetic, harsh chemical ingredients that are commonly found in lotion products are actually counterproductive in the long run in repairing dry skin. These ingredients include alcohol, dioxane, mineral oil, any strong fragrances and parabens. Avoid these ingredients because they make the quest for beautiful skin harder.

Once you take a little bit of time to research and find a great skin care product, you will find it is much easier to incorporate applying it to your face in your daily bathroom routine.