Early Labor And Its Signs

changes-during-pregnancyAs delivery approaches, the expectant mother becomes more attentive to what she feels in anticipation of giving birth to her baby.

Sometimes, there are feelings that are called false alarms for they are not the true indicators of labor, a process that signals actual delivery of the baby. However, there are valid signs that you should be aware of as the time comes near.

It is therefore important to note and understand early signs of labor to know what to do if such signs occur. The early signs of labor include lightening, water bag breakage and Braxton-Hicks labor pains.

Lightening happens when you feel that the baby has gone down and freed some space near your breast. This shows changes in your body and may result to clothes not fitting properly on your body.

Also, you will need frequent visits to the toilet for urination when this happens. However, the good result of lightening is that breathing will be easier because of the freed space. The lightening may happen hours or even weeks before the labor.

When fluid start to come out of you, that means your water bag just broke and you experienced rupture of membranes. This is the water-like sack that surrounds the baby in the womb and this sack may leak or break, in preparation for the delivery.

You will feel this sign as it will give some mild tickling feeling or a sudden gush of liquid flowing from you. It may happen anytime and if it does happen, you have to inform your doctor so he/she will start his/her preparations for the delivery. The color of the fluid will be an important detail that your doctor will be interested to know.

The Braxton-Hicks labor pains occur when you experience false contractions that are normally centered on the abdomen. True contractions indicating labor start from the back going to the abdominal area. A walk or a rest can ease the pain that these contractions cause. If this becomes frequent, the period of labor is approaching near.

The above signs will help you prepare and handle your emotions. This will avoid panic and hence, make you more emotionally prepared for the most exciting and fulfilling experience of a woman’s life.