Early Morning Sickness in Pregnancy

Pregnancy is a blessing in disguise but comes along with it some minor discomfortness. Pregnancy can cause some problems like vomiting feelings, headaches, abdominal pain but the most prominent one is morning sickness.

As many as 90% of pregnant women suffer from this problem. Also mostly arrives during the beginning of 1 month of pregnancy. There are many causes because of which this occurs a lot of hormonal changes go through women’s body because of which sickness can occur. Also sometimes, it can be because of hectic schedule and even change in tastes.

As for precautions, a pregnant lady must stay near to the washroom always. Keep free washroom every time for her so that she can feel free to go there and let herself feel relieved. Make sure that she takes her medicines on time which must include prenatal vitamins which must be taken daily in the evening time. Try to sleep in a perfect room temperature and neither in too cold nor too hot temperature so as to avoid nausea.

Proper rest is also required. May be your sickness is due to stress and excessive physical work. So plan out nap schedule for yourself. Right diet is essential as well. You must try to eat what you feel like having so as to avoid any kind of irritated behavior. Sometimes, such things can make you rude and irritated.

Also, do not wake up in a jiffy. Take your time and eat something before totally coming out of bed. Bed tea and some biscuits would do. Get out of the bed very slowly. Avoiding too much spicy food and oily food is also not recommended since they cause nausea and morning sickness.

Even though sometimes you may feel like having loads of spices and stuff like that, take a bit and have some control. Allow fresh air to come in the room while you sleep so always keep your room ventilated. Also sunlight is vital to ensure good health of pregnant lady.

Stay away from polluted air and even in kitchen; always switch on exhaust fan while cooking. So these are some things that you can do to reduce morning sickness.